Can I eat 3 to 4 Medifast bars a day?

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Hi Everyone,.

I just started the program two weeks ago..

First week, Sunday - Wednesday I was on plan, but then Thursday and Friday I failed miserably. I started up again on Saturday..

Starting weight: 200.

Current weight: 194.

I don't really like the pudding, shakes, or oatmeal..

The soups are okay and the bars are great. I am also going to order the pretzels and cheese puffs..

If it okay if I eat 3-4 bars a day? Or will this stall weight loss?.

I'm super busy as I'm a college student so it's easy to eat the bars on the go...

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Bars only is a viable option.

I ordered all bars to use for the 5/1 plan and have had great success so far. In three weeks I have lost about 20 ilbs. The bars are meant to be treated as "food" not thought of as a snack or anything like that.

My wife and I are doing the 5/1 together. She ordered things such as oatmeal and pudding and did not care for any of them. We just ordered another month's worth and ordered ALL bars.

Good luck! It works!..

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My only warning about ALL bars is the Gas. Seriously, if I eat more than 2 bars a day - and I have and do on occasion, I get the world's worst, stinkiest, clear the room farts you could imagine! Just saying......

Comment #2

We have not had such an issue at all...knock...knock..

We both find the bars the most convenient and honestly tastiest and most satisfying option..

Into 4th week now and has been great!.

Good Luck!..

Comment #3

LOVE the bars! My system did take a little adjusting the first 2 - 3 days, but the gas is not an issue any longer (just starting Week 4). They are super portable, don't require anything to prepare them, filling, and delicious. I do at least 3, sometimes up to 5 bars a day and haven't had any problems. One thing I like about them is they're one of the lower carb options (I don't like shakes generally). That frees up some carbs to be used on higher carb veggies for my L&G.


Comment #4

Thank you everyone for the replies! haha, yeah I noticed the gas thing but I noticed it after eating the oatmeal...the other food is just too smelly to prepare in a dorm room....

I'll give it a go and see what happens...

Comment #5

Also, I'm curious, if for one day I don't follow the plan (i.e. eat other food, etc) but still stay under 1,000 cal, will I still be in ketosis? Also, will I still be losing weight?..

Comment #6


Just so you know, your body stays in ketosis as long as your carbs are low enough, generally 80-85 grams is what is recommended on Medifast. Keep in mind if you do eat other food, you run the risk of eating too many carbs and then your body will no longer be in fat burning mode. It does take your body anywhere from 2-5 days to get back into ketosis, so just ask yourself if the food you are going to eat is worth getting out of fat burning mode and into glucose burning far for me the answer has been no, because it takes a few days to get back into the swing of things and to continue seeing results. Good luck!..

Comment #7

Thanks for posting this question as I had the same question. I actually like most of the foods but find I use the oatmeal to make muffins that are delicious and on plan But I find I am eating more bars and Pretzels and puffs due to the prep time/bother issue. So glad to hear this is an ok plan...

Comment #8

If you get tired of the bars you can doctor the shakes w/ice and pb2 and they are good for on the go (tastes great!) Also, the shakes can but microwaved to make a good cake (look for recipes.) Just a tip because at some point I get tired of bars.


Comment #9

If you partially freeze the chocholate shakes, they actually taste like a fudgecicle...

Comment #10

The only food I dislike is the oatmeal. I LOFF the shakes, make them in a blender w/ sf syrups, water and ice. They are low in calories and fat, and take a while to drink b/c they are somewhat frozen. I eat the bars when I'm out riding, I put one in my pocket. The cinnamon pretzels are great too!.

Love PB2! Waiting and waiting for my order - I think it's on back order..

Comment #11

I just got my 2nd month's order and am so excited cuz it's I got enough bars to have 2 a day all month. The lemon bars and the cinnamon roll crunch bars are AMAZING!!!..

Comment #12

My significant other eats mostly bars and he's making great progress. We learned last week that they are great while you are traveling hard to make soup when you're on an airplane. As to farts, I read a posting that said drinking more water helps. That seems to be true for me...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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