Can I drink cocktails while on Medifast?

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Hey, I am still in my first Medifast week and although I am not a big drinker I will have a glass of wine on the weekends or a cold beer after hours of gardening. Any recommendations on how some of you succesfully indulged in a cocktail?..

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I don't drink, so others may have some more relevant insights for you. However, alcohol is not a Medifast option, so if you want to be 100% on-plan, cocktails are off limits.

From the Medifast website:..

Comment #1

Unfortunately I have engaged in a cocktail every weekend. I usually have a vodka and diet coke or something. I save my calories for it. Technically I am.

Not OP when I do this. However I haven't seen any adverse effects. In fact I always have a big loss the morning after...

Comment #2

Just know that a drink can kick you out of fat burn and it will take another 4 days to get back in. Drink on the weekends and you won't ever stay in fat burn. That would not be good for your body.

As stated before Alcoholic beverages are not on the program...

Comment #3

I too indulge in one glass of red wine every Friday night. My first month on Medifast I did not drink at all and either way (sans week one when I lost the most) I still consistently lose 1.5-3 lbs every week so although technically I may not be 100% op, the one glass of wine helps me unwind after a busy work week. I also 'save' my calories for it, and I think that anything done in moderation that makes you happy you should do UNLESS it stalls your loss. If it stalled mine, I'd give it up in a minute. But life is short so do what makes you happy but keep on track to losing weight at the same time!..

Comment #4

I disagree pretty strongly with the people suggesting that a drink doesn't hurt. While not all alcohol will knock you out of ketosis, there are other considerations..

First, alcohol knocks down your inhibitions. The boards are full of people who intended to have just one drink and ended up having way more than they planned - and then eating off plan, because the booze destroyed their self control..

Second, 5&1 is not just about calories and carbs. We wouldn't be on a strict diet if we just had a couple of easy pounds to lose. Nearly everyone here has more than just a weight issue, they have a broken relationship with food (and sometimes alcohol). 5&1 doesn't just kill the fat, it's also intended as what you might think of as boot camp - breaking the addictions that led to your becoming obese. You don't break addictions by feeding them. The idea is to give your mind and your body a chance to completely reset from the fat, sugar (and sometimes booze) that got you to the point that you needed to eat 300 dollars worth of space food a month to get rid of the weight..

You need to make choices. Are you here to lose a few pounds? Great, then do whatever you want. If you have other problems with food, though, think hard about how long you want to extend your program with extra calories, how much risk you're willing to take around sabotaging yourself, and whether you need to just lose a few pounds - or change your life..

And consider this. It's JUST a drink. You can drink again when you get to maintenance. The restriction isn't permanent. So why is this so important to you? Why do you need a drink SO badly that you're willing to take risks with your health to do something that what the heck, you get to do later anyway? The thought processes may be something you want to pay more attention to..

Of course you can and should do what you want. I'm just suggesting that what you want may not always be what you need...

Comment #5

Well put Steph... My husband & I o out dinner everyweekend & he can't understand why I wont have 1 drink.. He syas 1 drink wont kill you. No, it wont kill me, however I am trying to make a life change I need to break the habits that made me go on MF.. I may not have a lot o weight to lose put I want to lose my addiction to food so while OP no alcohol for me.. I did it 15 years ago when I quit smoking... I didn't have a cigarette occasionally so why have 1 drink......

Comment #6

Great post, Steph. That is so true. I am starting to finally come to grips with the fact that I have an addiction. Not just a love of good food. Love the statement about needing $300 worth of space food to break the cycle...

Comment #7

I'm in agreement with Steph.

You've chosen Medifast to lose weight.

It is a strict and controlled weight loss program.

It has specific instructions as to what you eat and don't eat.

It's expensive..

If you follow the instructions exactly you lose the weight pretty quickly..

I started Medifast on June 8, 2009 - I made goal on January 8, 2010. I lost a total of 85 and was 100% OP and am currently in maintenance at 138 lbs. I NOW HAVE AN OCCASIONAL DRINK. Did I miss them - yes. Did I crave them - yes. Did I have one - no.

AND Medifast is expensive! Why would I stretch out my weight loss and pay hundreds of extra dollars for Medifast foods just for a fleeting moment? Especially when I can find several ways to wind down after gardening (or whatever else I do)..

If you didn't want to do a STRICT diet there are many others out there - but Medifast WORKS if you follow the instructions..

Just my thoughts...

Comment #8

Kinda off-topic, but Hubby and I went to a brewery/restaurant ( while we were on vacation and he got a sampling of beers brewed there...I took a small taste of each and seriously, my head was swimming! I know it wasn't my imagination...I've never had that happen before. Hubby nor I are regular drinkers, tho...I'm wondering if it's the weight loss or just not having any alcohol for months that caused that?..

Comment #9

A low calorie diet will do it. It's like the warning about caffeine - your body seems to become more susceptible to the effects while on a strict diet...

Comment #10

This is a great thread. I, too, am surprised to learn that not having drinks with friends or my husband is actually harder for me than following the food part of the plan. But my goal is following the plan 100%, which means no alcohol...

Comment #11

You cannot "successfully indulge in a cocktail" on MF. Unfortunately lol..

Comment #12

I feel like some people are yelling at this person. Just because someone has a drink once in a while doesnt necesarily mean that she/he has a drinking problem just because they have a eating problem. Like all diets, alcohol is always a big no-no, as are potato chips and cookies. But if you are just starting a diet you have to do what works for you. If having a drink relaxes you, do it, and slowly cut it out of your routine and it will save you from a binge after a stressful day at work. Do I recommend drinking, no because alochol will slow down your weight loss, but starting a strict diet can make you crazy and miserable, especially when you have to cut out simple pleasures like a glass of wine.

I had a couple drinks the first week I was on MF, did it effect me adversly? not really, I lost 7lbs that week. I drank clear liquors, like tequila and rum with diet coke or did a shot, but I do not suggest drinking all the time. I do not drink at all now, but that first week was a killer for me and Im glad I got it out of my system. Maybe pick a day or a week to stop having a drink or replace it with your favorite craft or workout video as a stress reliever, I know nothing is better than a cold beer after being in the sun all day, but just remember a day will come soon when you can drink again. Do what makes you happy and when you officially get On Plan stick to it. You can do it!..

Comment #13

I do not see where anyone is being harsh on the original poster, only truthful and giving their personal opinions, which is what was asked for...

Comment #14

When it comes to food and drinks, we all know that moderation is the key. We overweight people do not understand that word, otherwise we wouldn't be fat! Heidi Klum eats pizza, but does she do it all the time? No! Once in awhile she will indulge, probably exercises more that day and keeps her nice figure.

We have to learn how to moderate! I am not sure how many of us are REALLY 100% OP! Is every teaspoon of baking powder accounted for? Do we ALWAYS weigh our protein?.

I follow the plan as best as I can, I know I do not count every tsp of syrup or egg beater but I do log everything in my food log everyday. I don't think I follow the 3 condiment per day limit thing, I use basil and garlic powder and dill! (love dill) but I eat my 5 meals per day and eat my lean and green everyday. I don't eat off plan but I may go over the 3 condiment rule on occasion.

I believe the original poster asked if anyone had a successful way of incorporating drinking into this plan. Some do, some don't. She wasn't asking for permission, she was just asking that simple question. I like to have a glass of red wine on Friday nights. I have lost weight every single week since I started (Feb 8th) down 33 lbs! Could it be more? Perhaps. But you know what? I am happy having a glass of wine with my bf on Friday, and I am happy I lose 1 1/2 - 3lbs every single week.

I am not addicted. I am in control now! I ate my way to fat, I didn't drink my way to fat. Food no longer controls me, I control the food.

Steph seemed a bit harsh, but what she said was totally true. (love the space food comment btw) I have read other posts from her and she really has a strong and secure view about this diet which is why she is so successful on it! Kudos to you Steph!.

I personally like to have an occasional glass of wine, although I usually stop at 3 oz and only have one. Sometimes I don't drink at all because I don't want to "waste" the carbs and calories. I even told my bf that I would prefer smoking pot again, (no calories) yet the same relaxing feeling! He said I was nuts! LOL!.

I like the feeling of losing weight consistently every week and this INCLUDES my glass of wine on Friday nights. May not be "your" thing - but to each their own. You're spending your own money, you do your plan your way, and as long as you're successful, it doesn't matter HOW you get there, just as long as you get there!.

We are all Gods creatures and none of us are perfect. We all do the best that we can. Life is short and you should do what makes you happy as long as you don't hurt others in the process..

Stepping off my soapbox now...

Comment #15

Lovely that my laptop posted this multiple times...sorry folks...

Comment #16

Speaking as someone who didn't actually realize that they were on the edge of having a major alcohol problem until I started Medifast I have to say that it's just one more thing that I will be grateful to Medifast for, I'm booze free and happy..

Can't help but wonder though why no one has answered the question asked, or if they have I missed it in my reading, in which case, my bad, I'm sorry..

Favorite cocktail, take one Medifast vanilla shake, add one cup of water and blitz in the magic bullet, put in fridge to stand for at least 2 hours, I suggest doing that as you clear up supper, gives you something to look forward to all evening.

After 2 hours take out of fridge, add a slug of WF Kahula syrup and a cup of ice, then blitz in the bullet until good and blitzed. You end up with a beautiful cocktail, well as good as anyway..

I've read other recipes, maybe someone will post their favorite!..

Comment #17

I agree with all posts about NOT drinking, but sometimes I do have a drink. Never two. I still wanted to celebrate my birthday, and sometimes it helps socially if I nurse a beverage. No issues with weight gain, but this is a every other week occurance at max for me. If you are going to go and have a drink, stay away from higher carb drinks - like beer (3-15 grams and up) and stick to wine or a clear shot with diet soda or some other sugar free mixer...

Comment #18

Okay, I'll be honest. I like to drink. I LOVE fruity fru-fru drinks and it stinks that I can't help my friends with the margarita pitcher anymore when we go out for Mexican. I have had alcohol while on plan, but I stick to vodka. Diet coke and flavored vodka was my go-to drink long before Medifast, and I still have them occasionally while OP..

Note- I'm not recommending that you drink alcohol on plan just sharing my personal experience..

I was really missing my fru-fru drinks, but I discovered that my local Meijer sells sugar-free daiquiri and margarita mixes. They are made with Splenda and are calorie and carb free. They aren't GREAT, and my friends weren't impressed with the taste when I made them SF hurricanes a while ago, so consider yourself warned! But if you are craving a fruity fru-fru drink, you could make an on-plan frozen virgin cocktail using a sugar-free mix and blending with ice...

Comment #19

I used to drink 2 to 3 nights a week prior to starting Medifast. Mostly wine or maybe a vodka martini. I stopped drinking when I started Medifast back in August. I have learned alot over this time about drinking socially..

First, I have no question that drinking socially put the weight on me. It was the calories from drinking and then the bad eating that often followed drinking..

Second, it been very interesting to see how people respond when I'm not drinking. My real friends don't care whether I drink or not. My acquaintances get all upset that I won't have a drink with them. Which begs the questions, "What if I was a recovering alcoholic?" "What if I was allergic?" It has led me to realize that the pressure people put on others to drink in social situations is more about themselves than the others..

Third, I have found lots of drinks that look like alcoholic drinks to steer people off. Club soda and lime, diet coke and lime, I love Diet Ginger Ale Green Tea in a wine glass. Looks like white wine..

I will never drink at a work function again. After being the only completely sober one among social drinkers at work functions or entertaining clients, I have realized how badly people behave or the things that get said that are not helpful to their careers..

I believe that I will only be able to drink one drink once I hit my goal. I can barely drink caffeinated coffee so I know my tolerances have changed..

I see myself only drinking on national holidays and then very little. So, New Year's eve, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Maybe my birthday, anniversary and on vacation. Occasions to drink add up pretty fast in my life..

Just this schedule would mean drinking about once per month..

I now know that I don't have to drink at book club, at work events or entertaining clients, when I'm on my boat, at lunch with my girlfriends on Saturday, around the fire pit at my cabin, on Friday evening, after gardening, because it is a celebration for someone else, etc, etc..

I don't mind being the designated driver..

I am by no means a prude. I guess I've just grown up during the weightloss process and learned that all the times I lost weight before and gained it back (many times), alcohol had something to do with it. Not everything but part of it. It is true your weight will go down the day after you drink (due to dehydration) but if you check the next day after that it usually goes up further than it was. So drinking creates a mini yo-yo effect. I'm done fighting the weight battle.

Once I figured this out, it was easy for me to not consider drinking during the weightloss phase...

Comment #20

Hey - sorry that you're still getting lectured. Stepping off plan is definitely your choice. Lord knows that I will be this weekend to celebrate my birthday. One drink Friday night. My choice. I'll work on getting back in Ketosis right after that.

Anyways, in response, you can definitely google low carb beer and wines. That's what I've done for this weekend, and for beer, I'm leaning towards either having Amstel Light or IC Light because they're lower in carbs, and low in calories. Wine lists are the same way and really break it down so I recommend googling that to see what you would best enjoy!..

Comment #21

I'm not lecturing you. But I am going to pass on information that has come from NS. It's not about the number of carbs or calories in alcohol, but rather the way your body metabolizes it.

Take from this what you will..

My name is Tammy, one of the Registered Dietitians on the Nutirtion Support Team here at Medifast. Thank you for your posting and welcome to the Medifast Family!!!.

Alcohol is not on the 5&1 meal plan during the weight loss phase of the program. As you may know the stomach absorbs between 15-25% of alcohol when ingested, the remainder is absorbed in the small intestine. Alcohol yields 7.1 calories per gram and is closer to fat in terms of it's caloric value versus carbohydrate and/or protein. Alcohol is metabolized as fat and is thought to promote fatty acid synthesis (making of fat) due to the excess of NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide + hydrogen) formed during the metabolic process.

For best weight loss results, Medifast recommends no alcohol consumption during the weight loss phase of the program.

Hope this helps!..

Comment #22

I am not a big drinker so it hasn't affected me much. But my husband and I were on our motorcycle Sunday and almost got killed by a drunk driver. When we got to where we were going, I did have a sangria to try to calm my nerves. It tasted great, but I can go another 8 months without another drink. (Assuming I am not almost hit by a drunk again...).

I always have felt that I can have a great time and party with everyone else while drinking water or ice tea or the occasional diet soda. It's all in the attitude!.


Comment #23

LOL Wanda. Not LOL at you, but at the irony...

Comment #24

If you decide to have cocktail I'd say to choose a low carb/low cal option and drink 3X more water (on top of the OP water 4 oz white wine will add 12 oz water) to counter the dehydrating effect of the alcohol. And log it in so you're accurately keeping track of what you're consuming..

Personally, I've found hitting the high end of the calorie range for two days, then the low end for 3 or 4 helps keep me from plateauing. For me that's a small glass of white wine each of my high end days. Is that the most nutritional way to work that gap? Not even close. I do always keep the percentages in the suggested range, but the body metabolizes alcohol differently than normal food so this may not work for everyone. And some people have wicked hangovers from a tiny amount of alcohol. YMMV.

No, I'm not 100% OP. Yes, it's a slippery slope when you go off the plan..

P.S. As much as I've been motivated by reading about all your triumphs and commensurated at your setbacks, I haven't gotten around to properly introducing myself. I started February 18 at 175 and hit the halfway goal to 125 this morning weighing in at 150...

Comment #25

I have not had any alcohol on plan for the simple reason that as soon as I have a few sips and it hits my head, I will lose all control over food and will end up earing a big cheesburger, a pile of french fries and likely top it off with a pepperoni pizza. Alcohol makes me unable to make good food decisions. I leave it to everyone to make their own choices, but for me, it's no alcohol at this point...

Comment #26

Great post, Steph!!.

I do share a bit of both philosophies..

Yes, life is too short to completely deprive yourself of everything all the time. That being said, our lack of "knowing when to quit" is what got us all into this mess in the first place!!.

Save your drink (just 1!!!) for a special occassion. Every Friday night is not a special occassion and neither is every family birthday, or outing, or what have you. My husband and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversay in June and, yes, I will have a cocktail that night and maybe a small dessert, too. But that is truly a special occassion...

Comment #27

I have had a few drinks since starting the plan. VERY VERY few and I was a pretty heavy drinker. I choose Bud lite 55. I have two with a wedge of lime. I do not drink out at a restaurant or bar at all. Atmosphere makes it harder to abstain.

If that. I do figure my calories for the day to accomdate this..

If drinking is something you feel an urge for then that is different than just to relax. If you can handle it in moderation it is your choice. If you discover you cannot then you have to own that and get real about it...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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