Can I drink alcohol during Nutrisystem plan?

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Can I still drink alcohol on this program? I know it says not to, but I need a glass of something at night to steady the nerves of the day. What is a low cal beverage?..

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Your question was: Can I drink alcohol during Nutrisystem plan?.

A glass of wine never hurt anyone. BUT - it is 100 or more calories of sugar.

I cut my consumption of wine when I started the plan, but didn't cut it out 100%. I still managed to lose 25 pounds and have kept it off for 10 months..

Be smart. The fewer times a week you have the wine, the better for your weight loss plan. But only you know the stress of the day you live and whether the calories are worth it...

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Right! I love good wine, but I'm 5'3 & fairly small framed, so there's no way I'm able to drink a glass every night & maintain, nevermind lose. I am able to lose if I only have on big deal days, like my 20th anniversary in June, & I am able to maintain if I have a glass a time or two a week. Best to forgo it for a while If you want to lose at maximum most of us...

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Avoid alcohol. Empty calories. In my experience, which is vast on this subject , it really slows down your weight loss. It probably takes 3 days to recover and continue to lose weight. It makes you more hungry for the next day or two. And while you are buzzed, you are way more likely to say "oh what the heck" and indulge in a bad food choice.

Distilled drinks have more sugar. Wine is NOT a fruit serving! Try drinking a water in between any drink. And drink LOTS of water that day and the next. Do NOT subtract food calories to try to make up for you alcohol calories...

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I don't know what stresses you're dealing with, but is there any chance that you could try some of the alternatives mentioned above or other relaxing thingsat least for now?.

It looks like you just joined NS, with this your first post. Welcome to Nutrisystem! If I might suggest, how about trying to follow the program as it is meant to be done for a while before deviating from it with alcohol? That way, you get a chance to see how your body responds to the program. While doing so, you'll get your head in the Nutrisystem groove, which might be helpful in terms of sticking to a reasonable amount of alcohol and resisting the temptation to eat off-plan while drinking. Moreover, aside from possibly leading to dietary temptation, alcohol can cause dehydration, which leads to your body holding onto water. So, it could mess with the number you see on the scale, leading to a stall. (That usually happens to me on the occasions that I drink, and I find that I have to drink a lot of extra water and do a lot of extra exercise to manage the stalls.) I'd hate for you to be spending hundreds of dollars on the Nutrisystem program and then think that it is isn't working, when it may be the case that your alcohol consumption is affecting your progress.

At a minimum, if you are going to drink right away, do so with your eyes wide open about the potential effects. Again, IMHO, it'd be better to wait a while and limit it to occasional imbibing, rather than daily...

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