Can I do Nutrisystem without packaged foods?

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In the last two years, I have been on the plan for a month, each year, with hopes of making the transition to regular food after the month. I lose the weight that I want (about 15 pounds) then I try to handle balanced portions of store-bought food. I can't. Eating a one-ounce steak is a bite not a portion, and a baked potato is a whole potato. I tend to eat larger portions of everything as soon as I leave the Nutrisystem program..

I'd like to know what others are doing and if there is a program to help people like me who don't want to stay on the packaged food - maybe a hybrid program?.



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Your question was: Can I do Nutrisystem without packaged foods?.

You could get the flex menu from Nutrisystem and follow that. It's a layout of what food and how much you should eat for each meal. It is laid out like the add-ins, but it makes the entire meal. I've never seen the men's flex posted, but if you contact a dietitian at Nutrisystem they can send it to you..

That said, you still have to eat small portions. For dinner you can have steak, but it's only going to be about 3-4 oz. You can't go back to eating huge portions of healthy food, because it's going to be too many calories..

Good luck...

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NS has an appetite supressor in some of their foods. Do you know what it is and if they sell it separately?..

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Richard: NutriSystem does not have any such thing in their foods. The key to not being hungry with the proper portions is the combination of nutrients, protein, Low GI Carbs, etc. Being on plan for a month at a time, to me, would not be anywhere near long enough to learn the proper nutritional guidelines that allow you to continue to maintain your loss after losing your weight...

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Richard, take a look at your portions. As you know from your times with NS, the vegetables should be the primary portion of your dinner. A baked potato once in awhile is not a huge problem, but are you adding butter to it? There is no butter on the healthy maintenance diet. Also, white potatoes are not low GI, so not on plan. When I want a baked potato (as an example) I have 1/2 and eat the skin first. No butter.

A steak portion is 6 oz. Not 12 or 18 oz. I think you know why it doesn't work. You are not following the plan. It's not magic. It is a healthy eating plan...

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That is a great question Richard. I have been on Nutrisystem since Feb, so I can't really tell you. Are you having snacks in between meals when you are eating store bought food? Maybe you need to trick yourself into thinking that you are still on NS. You know, follow the guidelines. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts. Hope this helps and I wish you the best of luck. I guess if all else fails, the counselors might be able to help you!..

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Perhaps you can get more information by visiting the forums for those members who have reached their goal and are on maintenance. Portion control is the primary rule of thumb for eating "regular" foods, AND second rule is to eat "healthy" foods...

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You will have to learn portion control. Period..

A baked potato is fine as long as it is a SMALL one. And watch the toppings you put on it. People can ruin a perfectly good, healthy food (studies are showing that even white potatoes don't deserve the bad rep they received) with the toppings. Butter, sour cream, bacon, cheese, etc. Your meat portion should be about the size of your palm. Remember that your stomach is about the size of your fist...

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I eat about half Nutrisystem and half my own food. I have maintained my loss for nearly 5 months now. I follow the Nutrisystem guidelines for flex meals when making my own food. Small portions. No white potatoes. Lots of veggies.

Visit the food talk forum and look for what did you eat today or pictures of food made at home. This will give you ideas of what we eat..


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It sounds like you need longer than a month to learn and make those changes to keep the weight off. Portion control seems to be a major issue for you, which I totally understand. I was right there with you when I started 6 months ago. But I've changed my relationship with food, and you need to learn to eat just to stay fueled, and not because it tastes good (and not till your have a clean plate-not gonna work to keep it off!).

Grasshopper, when you can put the fork down after a meal of veggies, a good carb and just 3-4 oz of steak and feel good about it, you will be ready to transition off Nutrisystem to real food. Until then, stick around a while, or try getting the Flex program, which is what I used. It's 5 days of Nutrisystem food, and 2 days using real food following the Nutrisystem flex plan. It really helped me change up my eating to a more balanced, healthy routine and to learn portion sizes and how to make up a complete, filling meal that will keep the weight off. In fact I had half a 6 oz steak last night and felt full. It was perfectly cooked and tasted amazing, but I know how much I can have and am able to stop because I filled up on veggies. It's hard, but you can learn to do it...

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Are you still drinking all your water? A proper portion for steak would be 6 oz of lean steak and a single baked potato is 145 calories..

Portion control and eating the right types of foods are the key to maintaing weight loss on or off of Nutrisystem that's why it's a lifestyle change not a diet..

Noone can go back to eatting the same amounts or types of foods they ate before the program and expect to maintain their loss...

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Thank you all for the advice and help. A 6-oz steak is fine, but eating a baked potato without butter will take some getting used to. Since my wife is a vegan, I get exposed to lots of vegetables. Instead of just being aware of them I'll get used to eating them. I'll go for a couple of months with Nutrisystem and the Flex diet to see if I can get used to smaller portions..

Thanks again...

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