Can I cook the Medifast oatmeal into cookies?

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Hi All! My first week on, and I have that paranoia that I'm not doing this right, or this won't work ( which I know it will... thanks to all of you're inspiration..) But some questions:.

Does cooking the oatmeal into pancakes or muffins alter how it affects weight loss?.

I can't get the oatmeal down the way it says to I've been making pancakes..using only 2 packets of Splenda, a li'l bit of vanilla extract and a 1/4 tsp of baking powder...nothing else, and I like em'! If I have a little room for a carb or 2, I'll use a tsp of SF Syrup. I have to eat the oatmeal because it fills me up, and I'm trying to stay away from the bars, as I've heard it slows. ( I've only had 2 all week) I need to be full, as I have a very active job, (restaurant manager...tell me about it! So hard to not pick at french fries as I run around the dining room and kitchen...but I haven't touched ONE! ) and just shakes and pudding leave me starving and not able to get through my day. I'm a habitual water drinker, and have cut out my diet soda/tea all together. So that's a good thing, right?! I will be starting to exercise next week, as to let my body adjust to this... but again, I do nothing but walk/run all day at work, so I think I'll be ok with that...

I'm also finding the only way to get the soups down is by adding salt, which I have a feeling isn't a good thing... so... Help? Am I ok? or stop tweaking? I have a 45-50 pound loss goal by late Sept...and yea...just paranoid I guess = )..

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I also have to tweak some of the foods. just make sure you record everything so you can keep track. I try to log all my foods in the morning and then stick to the meal plan, I've put in. I also try to allow myself some wiggle room. I'm doing about 1000 calories a day and that keeps me fairly happy. I don't lose real fast, but I'm losing.

Hang in there and have a great day!..

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Tweak away. I add low sodium chicken and beef broth to the soups to add a bit of flavor... In a 50-50 mix, you add only 5 calories, and a bunch of flavor. Splenda does have -some- carb value.. so you have to be careful there..

You may want to ask Nutr. Support - they have some bright folk there to help with dillemas...

A teaspon of Pace Picante in the chili helps....

And after a bit more than a week, that "feeling full" thing is less of a problem. I felt starved the first week.. since then? Gotta remember to eat all the meals....

Don't forget the eggs.. Use a stick blender, some salt.. some hot sauce.. a teaspoon of low carb salsa.. and instant omlette!..

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You may want to contact Nutrition Support...They may have some suggestions for you...

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I think you are doing fine. I eat a diabetic bar every day and I've lost 18 pounds in 5 weeks.. I make pancakes and muffins frequently. Be sure to try the Quiche recipe made from cream of whatever soupl I also put cumin and chili powder in my chili and sometimes a half cup if stewed tomatoes. Have fun with the recipesit doesn't seem to matter!!.

Best wishes!..

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As the others have said: Tweak at will!!.

I eat muffins everyday, pancakes on my day off, sandwiches made from the bread reciepe, and add spices and salt to the soups. I am doing just fine and always have.

Just make sure that you log everything and create private foods for your reciepes and the calculations are done for you.

Good Luck. Boy working in a restaurant would sure be a challenge!!..

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I feel your painI'm around food as a profession tooI'm a Personal Chef and cook food for other people in their homes. Its hard not to taste! I just started on Friday to give myself a few days "practice" before I have to deal with making food for others..

I will say that, IMO, do what you need to do to the food to make it tasty and so you will eat it and not go off program! Again, I'm a newbie at this, but so far, fresh/dried herbs, flavor extracts are going to be your best friends. There are a LOT of possiblities listed in the downloadable info on the website for allowed condiments/veggies etc. Be adventurous! Try flavors you know you like first and then experiment with others that you may not have tried before..

I just made muffins this morning (agree with you on the oatmealseems to be a common thing) and while they don't taste like what I would have made, they are edibleand you can CHEW them! This is a good thing The eggs are WONDERFUL with just a few fresh thyme leaves and S&P! So simple and so good... I added garlic powder, oregano and some salt to the Minestrone and it was surprisingly good. Waiting to try the chili at noon and have added garlic,cumin and chili powder to that. It is sitting for an hour in it's water before I cook it to hopefully soften the beans..

Good luck and as I work through this and find things I like, Im going to share on the recipe boards like so many others before me They have "paved the way" for us and given plenty of recipes to try if you can't stomach the packets as-is.

Good luck to youyou'll get the hang of it! BTW, I asked about prepping things the night before on a thread in the New to Medifast forum and seems like a lot of people do thatmight help you with getting things ready to take with you to work.....

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I make muffins from the oatmeal. The splenda leaves a chemical taste, but I use sugar-free maple syrup and it tastes good. The muffins are definitely the way to go with oatmeal, or you can even make cookies. I prefer the recipes that have Medifast eggs in them, as it puffs up the product - without eggs the muffins tend to be flatter, more condensed, even with baking powder..

Soups are ok as is, but I like to add such things as basil, garlic powder, black pepper to jazz them up. Sometimes I will sprinkle on Parmesan cheese, or mix in a tablespoon or two of Salsa. Just make sure that you measure and record the condiments...

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I often will make the muffins with an egg white ("borrowed" from my lean) to make the consistency better..

The Splenda if you stay within the diet guidelines (how many packs a day is it?) and a little extract and baking soda here and there doesn't make enough difference to worry about. Fear not. If you are using quite a bit of Splenda and "extras," you probably should not also have a snack that day...

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There is a muffin reciepe out there somewhere that uses diet ginger ale. These muffins really rise and stay moist. They are actually real muffins and are very good. Look for them on the reciepe boad. I use this reciepe all the time now. The bread is also very good and makes a great sandwich if you're splitting your L&G...

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Thank you ALL for great suggestions! Like, I said, fit of newcomer paranoia. What a help...or calming factor even, you all are....

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What about the hot chocolate, folks? I mixed some up for an evening "snack" and YUCK!!! LUMPY! LUMPY! LUMPY! I worked on that poor cup for over 20 minutes, smooshing lumps, removing lumps, etc. Every time I started to sip, LUMP! GAG!!! HELP!?! I have 6 more packets left, and can't tolerate the lumps! ANY suggestions will be grateful! Rena..

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Try blending it in the Magic Bullet (or other mixer) before heating...

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Put just enough COLD water in your shaker to make a paste. Work out the lumps with it as a paste, then add cold water and shake. Then heat in microwave. Or use the magic bullet if you have one, but again use cold water. Good luck! Becki..

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Hi, I'm not much into experimenting, so haven't tried making any muffins or anything... I found if I make the oatmeal with boiling hot water, make it soupy, stir and let it sit for about 5 minutes it tastes pretty good. It was too pasty for me made the way the directions said... Good luck. Linda..

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I use the cocoa in my morning hot coffee. It mixes really well in hot liquid. I just stir it in with a spoon. I add a little cinnamon to it, too. It is really yummy this way and no lumps...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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