Can I change my ussername on

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My first question is: Can I change my ussername on

My next question is: Hi there I need some advice please ive been seeing a guy just over a month after the third date using he told me he wanted us to spend a night in a hotel down where I live as he lives two hours away from me, I met him on a dating (online dating with site online. I told him I wanted us to wait until the time is right he said he was happy to wait that hes looking for a long term relationship (thru like I am. I'm still having my doubts I'm worried that all he wants is one thing as we meet up once a week in the evenings and he gives me a lot of eye contact and he gets intimate with me when we are on our own. we are talking about going away for a night I last saw him saturday and I told him I havent been so happy in a long time and he thanked me he says to me he cares about me. thing is I'm in love with him and I'm worried that he doesnt feel the same that he will get what he wants then clear off can anyone give me some advice he spends 10 pound a week by train to come and see me and thats quite a lot of money does he really like me or am I just a bit of fun? my previous relationship (thru I was badly hurt my ex said horrible things to me and he kept on going on about wanting sex with me and I didnt really want it as I dont think I loved him, so I'm scared of getting hurt again,i havent had much experience with men so I apologise if this sounds stupid it's just that I never felt so strongely bout my ex like I do with this guy I just have such wonderful feelings...

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Your question was: Can I change my ussername on

Thanks for the advice everybody I thought about what you have said and texted my boyfriend and told him ive been thinking and that we should give it more time untlil we book a hotel,that we should go out for day trips see how things go I'm still waiting for a response. I should find out whether he just wants a fling or not as if he acts funny or doesnt respond then I will know what his intentions were all along. If he is happy to wait then he truely cares about me I hope you all agree on what ive done and fingers crossed he respects my wishes. at the end of the day I was giving him mixed signals I said I wanted to wait and I should have stuck with just spending days and I should have not brought up spending a nite with him ,as it probably confused him and he probably wonders what I want. At the end of the day I dont want to be just a fling and if I falll into bed with him that quickly thats what could happen. If you can relpy to this that would be great..

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