Can I cancel subscription before free trial is over?

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My first question is: Can I cancel subscription before free trial is over?.

My next question is: Hi Everyone:.

Okay so I have a small dilemma. This guy and I have been friends for about a 14 months. In the past 5 months we began to hang out more often, go out to dinner, we talk almost everyday, and we cupcake (cuddling and kiss) often and 9 out of 10 times he spends the night.  Some would say we are seeing each other but since we haven't discussed it I just consider it as us hanging out.

Last month I asked him if he wanted to go to the Coast for my friends bday. He said yes and I said it's on Valentine's Day weekend he said thats okay.  Well just recently we slept together. Things are not weird at all we still talk and hang out and we are still going out of town for Valentines Day weekend.

SO my question is do I get him anything? I am not use to this dating (online dating with thing I have either had a boyfriend or not it's never been an in between situation so I don't know what the procedure for the is..

Can anyone give me advise on what to do and how to go about bringing "US" up? I kind of want to know where we stand, but I don't want to come off pushy...up to this point I have not asked anything and things are going well and I'm worried if I ask things will change.


Liv   ..

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Your question was: Can I cancel subscription before free trial is over?.

Things tend to progress naturally if they are going well.  There is no time-frame for this, but if you feel like things are progressing (which is seems like they are since you recently slept together) and you are happy with how things are going then YOU need to make YOUR decision about what you want the relationship (thru to be.  If you have come to that conclusion and he has not brought up "the talk", then you need to take it upon yourself to see if his feelings match yours..

I have finally figured that out and it seems right for me.  It's certainly not all about what HE wants and if HE wants you to be his girlfriend.  You have just as much of a decision to make.  I know the whole male/female thing comes into play here (women tend to want to have the "what are we" talk & men feel pressure).  But if you are both feeling the same thing, it shouldn't matter who brings what up long as you are on the same page..

My experience is this......

When one of us have brought up the discussion and have mutually agreed to be exclusive, I have been more secure in the committment.  When I have either waited for him to bring it up or brought it up and he has felt pressured to be exclusive, I have felt more insecure and those have not turned out well and not lasted very long..

I would continue with the way things are through V-day and when you get to the point where you are acting exclusive and he has not initiated a conversation, you should talk to him.  There will come a point where you know your feelings and if his actions continue the way they are, you will need some clarity on his feelings.  Good luck! ..

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We talked all night last night about nothing important, but nonetheless it felt good... However, as we talked I realized that if it's not broken why fix it... After my ex and I ended things I said the next relationship (thru I get into I want to take it slow and just let things flow, so thats exactly what I plan to do...Up to this point he has been able to express his feeling so when he is ready to bring it to my attention about where we stand I will then let him know how I feel...On that same not I am not going to let this go on forever with out addressing it...a few months yes beyond that I will need to make the next move if he doesn't...

Based off of the feed back I received which btw I appreciate I bought him a funny romantic card that oddly enough fits us perfectly because we have this inside joke and the card makes light of it.....


Liv <3..

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I totally agree with what you said and I found a medium that I think will work..




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There needs to be a conversation - I really enjoy spending time with you, getting closer, etc. but you wonder what you are to each other... Not that you need a commitment but are you boyfriend or girlfriend, are you monogamous (this is important to discuss!!!!), etc.


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