Can birth control pills affect weight loss with Medifast?

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This month, I started birth control pills to control a hormone problem. I'm not a big fan of BCP, haven't been on them in 15 years. However, it's the only thing that controls my symptoms. However, I've gained 3lbs and can't get the scale to move since starting them. Could the pill have stopped my loss? I really can't afford to keep paying nearly $300 a month for a diet that isn't working...

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I'm on BCP and I am still loosing.. I think you just need to let your body adjust.. I was already on BCP when I started Medifast this time. I'm sure Weightloss will start up again.. you might want to try that new stuff the Medifast came out with.. the stuff to pull you off platue's..

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Hi Andrea!.

When I first started Medifast I had already been on BCP for a long, long time..

However, when I first started the BCP; it took about 4 weeks to even out and kick in. I'd reccomend waiting to make a decision untill after you finish your first pill pack..

I didn't notice any change in weigh ins between on the pill or off. Hormones are such funky little guys, aren't they? I ended up having to go off the BCP due to it being ineffective because of the weightloss/soy/exercise/lifestyle change..

I hope the best for you! I'm sure it's just minor fluxuations with your body adjusting to so many new things. Hang in there!..

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The weight you gained is most likely water, but hormones are indeed tricky and BCP can make you gain weight. However, lots of us have had stall or gain weeks along the way without adding any medications, so you should give your body some time to adjust (you did not say how long this stall has been going on)..

As for spending $300 a month for a diet that is not working: first, you are not spending the money on a diet, you are spending it on food, and you would have to buy food anyway even if you were not on MF. It sounds a lot more expensive that way, but really, many of us are spending far LESS than we did before because we are not buying drive-through, Starbucks or booze like we did.

Second, it most likely IS working, and if you were not on Medifast right now you might have gained quite a bit more.

I would give your body some time to adapt, and in the meantime check your food log to make sure you are 100% OP - getting all 5 Medifast meals and a full L&G, drinking all your water (increasing your water right now might help, too) and not going overboard on condiments or snacks...

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Well, actually, if I wasn't on MF, I wouldn't be spending money on food. I have to pay for Medifast out of my personal money, rather than out of the family budget...

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That's hardly fair. If you are no longer eating out of the family food budget, then that amount should have gone DOWN as the amount you spent personally went up..

Well, whichever pocket it works best for you take the money out of, I guess...

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No, the family grocery budget hasn't changed at all. Anyone with sons know that if there's any food leftover, growing boys will eat it If anything, our family budget has gone up, since most nights, I cook myself a special L&G since my husband won't eat fish of any kind and the whole family got sick of chicken by the end of my first month of MF...

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Now, I'm wondering if the BCP are making me depressed. I just had a major binge (hadn't binged in about 4 months) and a serious crying episode. If the BCP are making me depressed, then that would explain why I'm getting so upset at my plateau. I've had plateaus and just worked through it...

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