Can anyone tell me what the Ultimate thermo pump is used for?They sell it at VitaminShoppe, i actual?

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My first question is: Can anyone tell me what the Ultimate thermo pump is used for?They sell it at VitaminShoppe, I actual?.

My next question is: Can anyone help me find accurate info on Ansomone dosage ? I'm 43 yr old and weiging 75kg. I know natural HGH leavels drop after the age of 30, but at what rate ? also it makes sence to take a higher dose to gain muscle compared to the dose taken to slow down the aging process but who can give accurate advice as to how much and how often etc ? thanks to anyone who can throw me a bone here...

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Your question was: Can anyone tell me what the Ultimate thermo pump is used for?They sell it at VitaminShoppe, I actual?.

Hi guys and thanks for your tips, I've been taking 4iu, five days a week for the past 3 month but only on the advice of a stockist who I didn't realy trust and a few hear says of younger and bigger guys, I guess there is no point taking the stuff if your young, as your HGH leavels are high anyway, so that's one reason some guys don't see results. I didn't expect to see any changes untill I'd been taking them for over 4 month ( I was told ) but I can see results in areas that I had all but given up on with fat burning and I have gone from 42" chest to 44" and 32" waist to 31" with no change to my training routine or diet, I even stopped creatine etc while I tried it !.... any more advice or tips about HGH will be greatly apreciated ?

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Hi mate.

Thats good results from the dosage you were taking. IMO muscle gains with gh are minimal but works well to help you diet and get in top shape for competition, However I experienced so crappy sides last year using for 3 months 4-5IU per day, like aching creaky joints so decided enough was enough. I love Gensci, ansemone was not so hot tho,.


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Start at 3ius and then bump ot up to 4ius after a week. Different people have different tolerances to GH. I've heard of people having their hands go numb at only 2ius a day, on the other hand some people seem to tolerate up to 10ius a day. Start low and work up. Its better to run GH for a londer period at a lower dosage than for just a month or two at a higher dosage. Pesonally, I don't see the point in taking days off.

I have 1iu first thing in the morning and 2ius immediately post workout (I can't afford to run it higher doses ). GH suppresses natural T3 production by your thyroid (this is why GH can make you feel sleepy) so I take 50mg T3 a day to compensate. I know that 25mg is generally recommended as compensation but I'm still have serious trouble staying awake without the help of 50mg T3 plus ECA or Clen...

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