Can anyone tell me an 800 number than can get customer service?

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My first question is: Can anyone tell me an 800 number than can get customer service?.

My next question is: Since last June I started hanging out with a new crowd of people. In the group I hang out with there is a guy I like. At first I never thought he would be interested so didn't really pursue the idea of a relationship. However between us things were kinda flirty at one point. A couple of months ago we ended up getting off. Naturally I was happy about it but the next day it was if nothing happened from his side.

We both still spoke to each other on a friendly basis so all was ok. However since that day we got off another 4 - 5 times. I get the feeling that he likes me but it's as if something is holding him back.So my question now he interested really? Or am I just someone he turns to after having a couple of drinks?Confused..

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Your question was: Can anyone tell me an 800 number than can get customer service?.

It sounds like he enjoys what comes his way. Perhaps you need to initiate talking, suggesting grabbing a meal together, quality time of a different sort. See his reaction. Go from there.


Comment #1

OK, forgive my ignorance but are you basically saying you've had sex a few times after drinking but he otherwise shows no other interest other than as a flirty friend?  If that the case, no, he's not interested in dating (online dating with you.  He's interested in having a friends with benefits relationship (thru with you to "get off" whenever you're both willing, drunk and able.  You're attributing feelings of like or something more to sex.  His actions clearly show otherwise.  If he was interested in actually dating (online dating with you, he would ask you do do something other than get him off.  He's not.  If you can handle a FWB situation and not expect more, then go for it and get each other off all you want.  But it sounds like you want more and he doesn't.  If that's the case, you will wind up getting hurt so stop with the sex and keep this to a friend thing only..




Comment #2

Is he Interested? Yes of coarse .. In sex only ! your there and willing. As for anything just doesnt seem that way by your story. If you want more you should move on...

Comment #3

Wait wait wait...getting off doesn't mean sex (not in my country at least!!) getting off in french kissing...maximum grabbing each others ass hehe. I would never have sex with someone when there is no real relationship. Not the one night stand kinda girl!..

Comment #4

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