Can anyone give me some opening emails that work on I am 27 and looking for around the sa

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My first question is: Can anyone give me some opening emails that work on I am 27 and looking for around the sa.

My next question is: I've been friends with this guy for 5yrs(since Junior1).  In the 2nd and 3rd yr of our friendship we were once very close because when we played badminton we always played as partners. He treated me like a little sister and took care of me well. I knew he liked me but I just saw him as a common friend. And there was one day when we took a rest from the game,he asked me to accompany him to the washroom and in the way,he said:"I wonder if I can lift you up." Then he hugged me from the back and lifted me up a little when I just stood there dumbfounded. I didn't know how to react and I didn't like him as much as he liked me. So nothing further happened and he continued to be good to me.

Just this past summer we met online by chance and had very pleasant long chats. He gave me his cell and said I could talk to him anytime. I was very happy to have regained this friendship and began to send texts to him whenever I feel like talking(almost everyday for a period). And he replies every msg and really makes me happy. When I saw him referring to his GF as "wife" I felt a sudden jealousy and realized that my feeling for him is not as that of a pure friend. I'm not in love with him but seems like I want to possess him(aww,it's a scary word) and be paid attention by him.

Then one night he sent me a msg and said he had good news to tell me, and he told me he broke up with his GF.(!!!I was a bit surprised...) A few days after that, he asked me out for lunch,using a very small reasonhe wanted to borrow my essay. Not wanting to cost him too much money I chose to have fastfood and had another nice conversation....

Last week he sent me two msg in two days and both of them were about kisses. The first one he said he saw a couple french kissing right next to him. And the next day he said he was coming back home(from another city) and ppl around him were all kissing and hugging. I replied that they're cold so they need to keep warm. Then he told me he had no one to hug and was cold standing in the street. I'm not sure if he wants some relationship (thru with me?? I don't know how much he likes me and is he that kind of guy who likes to tease with words but no real actions.

And he might be a good choice because I know he is really caring. But I don't know what he wants and what should I do? Should I wait or do something? I don't know if I'm sending the right msg to him when I'm replying his texts..

Thanks a LOT for any response!..

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Your question was: Can anyone give me some opening emails that work on I am 27 and looking for around the sa.

It sounds like the two of you like each other, hehe. Why not date using him?  You have known him for a while and he sounds sweet.  You both want to be in a relationship, right?  You may be falling in love with him and not realize it right now because you have not fell in love before.  The next time you see him plant a kiss on his cheek - that might give him some encouragement to ask you out on a real date. can just tell him how you feel about him and go from there...

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Thank you for giving me some courage!  I still need some advice on how to show him that I'm willing to go further with him instead of just being friends? Also I don't want to act too eager that might scare him away. Thanks a lot!..

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Well, like I said try to get more physical with him - a kiss on the cheek or hold his arm and see how he responds.  That way you'll know if he is receptive to you physically before you lay your heart on the line.  If things go well on the basic physical level (like he doesnt cringe when you touch him or kiss him) .. then you can take it a step further and just tell him that you always had a crush on him or something like that and see if he responds accordingly.  Based on what you posted it sounds like the feelings are mutual =)...

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Yes, give him a signal that you're interested - now is the season for mistletoe, after all! Good luck.


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