Calculating BMI during Medifast

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When I first joined MF, I logged in all my weight info and when my BMI was calculated, I read that I was "obese". OMG, I never had considered myself that. I kinda figured I was chubby, but not THAT other word. Everytime I change my weight, there is that "obese" word I hate looking back at me..

Well, I just changed my weight information because I'm down a few more pounds since last time. When the BMI calculated this time, I'm only over weight now!! I'm so excited!! This is working...

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Congratulations!!! That's wonderful!!! I'm looking forward to that change myself..

There are several definitions of "morbidly obese" and I've celebrated each as I pass them. (I have a couple of more to go, before I'm just "obese" according to any of the definitions, lol!).

Congratulations on a fantastic decision to make yourself healthier!!..

Comment #1

Congrats, I had the same experience with that awful word. I'm just a few pounds away from being overweight!..

Comment #2

That is a very exciting accomplishment!!!!! When I started Medifast I was "morbidly obese" and now I'm only "severely obese"...I'm 14lbs from just "obese," WOOHOO. LOL, sounds goofy I know, but YAY for us for heading down that ladder!..

Comment #3

I just made that, it's so nice to be overweight.

I remember being classified as moderately obese by the hospital about 2 years ago after an accident, the obese part hurt, but then I was happy to be just moderately LOL 25 lbs later I started Medifast have to wait and see where I end up. My current goal puts me just 1lb into overweight...

Comment #4

Congratulations~ last weigh in I also moved from obese to overweight. It's a nice place to be!..

Comment #5

Congratulations MissMiss! That's such a wonderful accomplishment! I hope I see that myself soon!.


Comment #6

Congrats MissMiss! Obese, I hate that word. I'm still obese as I'm a few pounds away from being overweight. It's kinda scary to think that I'm a 12/14 and I'm obese...

Comment #7

My BMI is finally ON the chart at the doctors office. Of course, it's still in the red zone - but it's on the chart, as opposed to be somewhere on the wall next to the chart! I'm not only still obese - I'm morbidly obese.

Someday - I won't be. This plan will make it so!.

Congrats on graduating out of the obese class!!..

Comment #8

Way to Go!!!! Great job!!! I am so happy for you. That is one of my goals,too!..

Comment #9

Exciting news - I'm so happy for you. That's my next goal, after I get rid of the "evil number" - at 200 I'm only ounces away. I will lose my obese status at 185 - we must be about the same height (5'6"). I hate that word - it even sounds ugly! Oh - beese - horrible. Anyway, congratulations!..

Comment #10

MissMiss, CONGRATULATIONS! You rock!.

Add me to the list of 5'6" people who is looking forward to 185 and no longer being obese!!!..

Comment #11

Thanks for all the "congrats" and words of encouragement. I love it here!!..

Comment #12

Missmiss...i bet that feels really good..i dread the OB word too!! will never see it again!..

Comment #13

I know exactly what you mean!! I always just considered myself a little chubby, but never "obese" and when I calculated my BMI and it told me I was obese I was shocked! I can't believe I never realized how big I really am. Seeing that horrid word makes me want to work even harder though, so I can finally be "healthy"!..

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