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I was just browsing thru EBay and saw Nutrisystem food for sale. Why would someone bid $29 plus almost $20 for shipping on 6 Nutrisystem brownies. That is almost $50 for 6 brownies. That is $8 a brownie. I would expect a naked Chippendale dancer to hand feed me those brownies for $8 a piece! A lot of the food is crazy priced and have several bids on them. Several people say that the item costs $6 each on the Nutrisystem website.

I have never seen it that high, even on a la carte. Am I missing something?..

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Your question was: Buying Nutrisystem from eBay?.

Actually, the fudge brownies are only $3 when ordering them ala carte through NS. You can add them on to your auto delivery, they will throw them in the same shipment...

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I know. That is why it is so crazy !..

Comment #2

I haven't looked lately, but a few years ago, people were selling BUDDY BUCKS and the free meal planners. Insanity!..

Comment #3

Ebay is a terrible place to buy the food - it very often goes for much more than it would cost to buy here, even a la carte with shipping costs. But even worse is that the food is often expired. Stick to the trade thread, or at least Craig's List, where the prices are often very good and you can at least see the packages and check the date codes...

Comment #4

I sell some of my food on ebay and I usually get less than what it costs me to purchase it. I sometimes have too many of certain meals since I have basically been on maintenance and don't eat it 100% of the time. Ebay has a policy that you CANNOT sell expired food. If you get expired food, file a claim and ebay will refund the price plus the shipping. You CAN get good deals on ebay but you have to look for them. I always list my expiration dates as well, some other people do some don't.

I just sold 12 flamebroiled beef patties for $50 last week. That person got a good deal. Even with shipping it was lower than the ala carte price. Just be careful and bid wisely...

Comment #5

Most of my food - for each of my Nutrisystem journeys which I'm sorry to admit has been more than once - has come from ebay. The best deals are the big lots. I always have the a la carte prices handy so I know how much to pay. But you're right; sometimes the prices make you shake your head.

Now when Nutrisystem discontinues a favorite, all bets are off with respect to prices on ebay!..

Comment #6

People are much better off checking the trade thread as a general rule - for example, the beef patties and other dinner entrees go for $3.00 to $3.50 each, tops, and sometimes less than $3...

Comment #7

Another problem I have with ebay is that I don't have an established account. It seems like sellers won't deal with you if you are a newbie...

Comment #8

I've never turned a newbie away that bids on my auctions. Granted I have been burned by newbies not paying but that has also happened with veterans. You can definately find some good deals on lots on ebay. Never buy less than 4 or 5 items or the shipping kills you. It is true that discontinued items do go for way more than they are worth!..

Comment #9

Sellers aren't allowed to turn away newbies. You can bid and if you win and they wont sell to you you can give them negative feedback which they can no longer return. And believe me sellers live by that feedback as it determines if they get a discount on the crazy fees ebay charges. And you can report them to ebay as non performiong sellers. I have been a seller for over 10 years and have never told a newbie I wouldn't sell to them. That would be crazy...

Comment #10

I guess I've just had one or two bad experiences so I gave up. Thanks for this info!..

Comment #11

Generally when I see prices get out of hand like that, the winner either doesn't intend to really purchase it, the owner is bidding it up from a second account to make others waste cash and bump the price but sometimes over bids and ends up not selling it, or either the person bidding just wants to show they will win it at all cost, which is pointless because it's not like you're scaring anyone, as you will just pay more for it and they will buy it from someone else or on a relisting...

Comment #12

Things are worth whatever people will pay for them!..

Comment #13

How long does it take for the food to be expired? I have a few old entrees sitting around ... some of them may be 3 or 4 months old. Cannot I not eat them anymore? I don't really like them very much but I was going to try and come up with a creative idea so I didn't waste anything...

Comment #14

NS Expiration Dates.

This is from a previous post, I don't know who posted it but it explains the expiration dates:.

Most items have two letters followed by 5 numbers. The letters represent the plant where it was made. The first 2 numbers are the month, next two numbers are the day and the last number is the year the item was packaged. Each item is supposed to stay fresh 12 to 18 months. This is a packaging date system, not a best by date as listed on some products. For example AB01019, your package was made at plant AB on January 1, 2009..

There is one more system of dating with the Julian date. If you have 5 numbers a space and then more number with a semicolon, then the first two numbers are the year, the next three the day of the year and the last numbers are the military time.

For example if this was your code 07179 18:25, then your product was manufactured on the 179th day of 2007 at 6:25 p.m...

Comment #15

Heres a list of the shelf lives of the food from last year that someone got from CS and posted here.(sorry I dont know who it was) Some of the food has been reformulated or discontinued. And the new foods arent on the list but it is still very helpful.

US Product Name (Updated 03-13-2009) Shelf Life (months).

Breakfasts .

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal-Naturally and Artificially Flavored 12.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (Reformulated).

Apple Granola Bar 9.

Apple Granola Bar- (Reformulated) .

Apple Strudel Bar 12.

Apple Strudel Scone 6.

Apple Strudel Scone (Reformulated) .

Berries & Multigrain Flakes 9 to 12.

Blueberry Muffin 6+.

Blueberry Flavored Pancake Mix 12 TO 24.

Blueberry Flavored Pancake Mix (Reformulated) .

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Naturally and Artificially Flavored 9.

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar (reformulated) .

Chocolate Chip Scone 6.

Chocolate Chip Scone (Reformulated) .

Cinnamon Bun Bar 6.

Cinnamon Swirl Granola Bar 12.

Cinnamon Swirl Granola Bar (Reformulated) .

Cluster Crunch Cereal 9 to 12.

Cranberry Granola Bar 9.

Cranberry Granola Bar (Reformulated) .

Cranberry Orange Pastry 6.

Cranberry Orange Pastry (Reformulated) .

Egg Frittata 9.

Harvest Nut Bar 6.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins 6.

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins (Reformulated) .

Lowfat Granola Cereal 12.

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal 12.

Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (Reformulated) .

NutriCinnamon Squares Cereal 12.

NutriCinnamon Squares Cereal (Reformulated) .

NutriFlakes Cereal - 40% Bran Flakes 9.

NutriFrosted Crunch Cereal 12.

NutriFrosted Crunch Cereal (Reformulated) .

Pancake Mix 12.

Pancake Mix (Reformulated) .

Peanut Butter Granola Bar 12.

Peanut Butter Granola Bar (Reformulated) .

Scrambled Eggs 9.

Scrambled Eggs (Reformulated) .

Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar Cheese 9.

Scrambled Eggs with Cheddar Cheese (Reformulated) .

Scrambled Eggs with Veggie Sausage Crumble 9.

Scrambled Eggs with Veggie Sausage Crumble (Reformulated) .

Lunches .

Beans & Ham Soup 15.

Black Bean Tortilla Soup 12.

Black Bean Tortilla Soup (Reformulated) .

Black Beans and Rice 12.

Black Beans and Rice (Reformulated) .

Cheese Tortellini 18.

Cheesy HomeStyle Potatoes 9.

Cheesy HomeStyle Potatoes (Reformulated) .

Chicken A La King 18.

Chicken and Barley Stew 18.

Chicken and Barley Stew (Reformulated) .

Chicken and Pasta in Cacciatore Sauce 18.

Chicken Noodle Soup 18.

Chicken Salad 12 to 18.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar 9 to 12.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar (Reformulated) .

Chocolate Raspberry Bar 9 to 12.

Chocolate Raspberry Bar (Reformulated) .

Fettucini Alfredo 12.

Fettucini Alfredo (reformulated) .

Fudge Graham Bar 9 to 12.

Fudge Graham Bar (Reformulated) .

Hearty Minestrone Soup 12.

Hearty Minestrone Soup (reformulated) .

Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables 18.

Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli 12.

Pasta Parmesan with Broccoli (reformulated) .

Pasta with Beef 18.

Red Beans, Rice, Sausage .

Split Pea Soup 12.

Split Pea Soup (Reformulated) .

Tomato and Corn Chowder 18.

Vegetable Beef Soup 18.

Dinners .

BBQ Sauce over Beef, Beans and Rice 12 to 18.

Beef and Mushroom Gravy with Pasta 12 to 18.

Beef and Mushroom Gravy with Pasta (Reformulated) .

Beef/Noodles Teriyaki Sauce .

Beef Pot Roast with Vegetables & Gravy 12.

Beef Pot Roast with Vegetables & Gravy (Reformulated) .

Beef Tacos 18.

Cheese and Spinach Ravioli with Meat Sauce 12 to 18.

Cheese and Spinach Ravioli with Meat Sauce (Reformulated) .

Cheese Ravioli with Basil Tomato Sauce 12 to 18.

Chicken Breast Patty 12.

Chicken Pasta Parmesan 12 to 18.

Chicken Pasta Parmesan (Reformulated) .

Chicken with Almonds, Rice and Vegetables 12 to 18.

Chicken with Dumplings 12.

Chili with Beans 18.

Flame Broiled Beef Patty - Cooked 18.

Flatbread Pizza 9.

Flatbread Pizza (Reformulated) .

Florentine Sauce with Chicken Fettuccini 12.

Grilled Chicken Breast .

Green Pepper Steak with Rice 12.

Hearty Beef Stew 18.

Hearty Beef Stew (Reformulated) .

Homestyle Beef w/ Mashed Potaotes and Gravy .

HomeStyle Chicken Noodles with Gravy 12 to 18.

HomeStyle Chicken Noodles with Gravy (Reformulated) .

Lasagna with Meat Sauce Textured Vegetable Protein Added 12 to 18.

Lemon Butter Sauce with Chicken and Noodles 12.

Lemon Butter Sauce with Chicken and Noodles (Reformulated) .

Macaroni & Cheese 12.

Macaroni & Cheese with Beef 12.

Macaroni & Cheese with Beef (Reformulated) .

Mashed Potatoes with Meatloaf and Tomato Sauce 12.

Mushroom Gravy with Rice and Salisbury Steak 12.

Mushroom Risotto 12 to 18.

Oriental Steak/Green Pepper .

Pasta Fagioli 12 to 18.

Pasta Fagioli (Reformulated) .

Pasta Primavera with Tofu 12 to 18.

Rotini with Meatballs and Tomato Sauce 12 to 18.

Sourdough Pizza .

Sourdough Pizza (Reformulated) .

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce .

Stroganoff Sauce with Beef and Noodles 12.

Stroganoff Sauce with Beef and Noodles (Reformulated) .

Sweet and Sour Chicken .

Tender Beef with Vegetables 12.

Tender Beef with Vegetables (Reformulated) .

Teriyaki Sauce, Rice, Beef and Vegetables 12.

Thick Crust Pizza 6.

Thick Crust Pizza (Reformulated) .

Thin Crust Pizza with Cheese 6.

Three Cheese Pasta with Chicken 12.

Three Cheese Pasta with Chicken (Reformulated) .

Turkey Tetrazzini .

Vegetable Fajita 9.

Vegetable Fajita (Reformulated) .

Vegetable Lasagna with Basil Tomato Sauce 12 to 18.

Vegetarian Chili 18.

Wedged Potatoes with Sliced Beef Steak 12 to 18.

Wedged Potatoes with Sliced Beef Steak (Reformulated) .

Zesty Cajun Style Chicken and Sausage with Brown Rice 12 to 18.

Zesty Cajun Style Chicken and Sausage with Brown Rice (Reformulated) .

Desserts .

Almond Biscotti 9.

Almond Biscotti (Reformulated) .

BBQ Soy Chips 9.

BBQ Soy Chips (Reformulated) .

Blueberry Lemon Dessert Bar TBD.

Blueberry Lemon Dessert Bar (Reformulated) .

Caramel Popcorn 14.

Cheese Puffs .

Cheese Puffs (Reformulated) .

Chocolate Cake .

Chocolate Pound Cake (reformulated) .

Chocolate Caramel Dessert Bar TBD.

Chocolate Caramel Dessert Bar (Reformulated) .

Chocolate Chip Cookie 12.

Chocolate Chip Cookie (Reformulated) .

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pudding 12.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pudding (Reformulated) .

Chocolate Crunch Bar 16.

Chocolate Crunch Bar (Reformulated) .

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Biscotti 9.

Chocolate Macadamia Nut Biscotti (Reformulated) .

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar 9 to 12.

Chocolatey Nougat Bar .

Chocolatey Nougat Bar (Reformulated) .

Double Chocolate Almond Cookie 9.

Double Chocolate Almond Cookie (Reformulated) .

Fudge Brownie 6.

Fudge Brownie (reformulated) .

Golden Pound Cake .

Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks 8.

Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks (Reformulated) .

Hot Cocoa 12.

Microwaveable Chocolate Cake 9.

Milk Choc Delight Bar .

Milk Choc Delight Bar (Reformulated) .

Mint Chocolate Crunch Bar 16.

Mint Chocolate Crunch Bar (Reformulated) .

Nacho Crisps 6.

Nacho Crisps (Reformulated) .

NutriChocolates 16.

NutriChocolates (Reformulated) .

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 12.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (Reformulated) .

Peanut Butter Cookie 12.

Peanut Butter Cookie (Reformulated) .

Sour Cream and Onion Soy Chips 9.

Sour Cream and Onion Soy Chips (Reformulated) .

Pretzels 8.

Pretzels (Reformulated) .

Strawberry Shortcake Bar TBD.

Strawberry Shortcake Bar (Reformulated) .

White Cheddar Soy Chips 9.

White Cheddar Soy Chips reformulated) .

White Chocolate Chunk Cookie 9.

White Chocolate Chunk Cookie (reformulated) .

Zesty Herb Snack Mix 8.

Zesty Herb Snack Mix (reformulated)..

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