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Unfortunately, I need to start on my second course. It's been more than a year, and my acne has decreased greatly, but it's still persistent. This time around, I do not have insurance, so paying $700-1400 for a month's dose is not in my budget. I looked at, and it's pretty cheap. Apparently I can get more than a month's dose at a time? This would be great since I would be out of the country for couple months. I'm just wondering if anyone has any experience with the mentioned online store.

And does anyone know how much office visits are? I know I paid 30 bucks copay, but without insurance I think it was 90 bucks? Thanks in advance..

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I've heard is a good option, I was wondering if anyone has experience with this specific site (any medicine, not just Murad Resurgence). Since buying online results in shipping, would it be ok if I was off Murad Resurgence for a week or so every month? I don't think I can get the Murad Resurgence shipped fast enough after I finish off my last dose, even if I can go to the dermatologist after 21(?) days after my last visit...

Comment #2

You just can't be sure that isotretinoin is in the pills you buy.... personally i'm not against people buying prescriptions online - the only thing thats the issue is if what they think they're buying is what they're getting.And if you type Murad Resurgence no prescription into google - you get like a million results because it's so popular, where would you start to choose who to order from?!..

Comment #3

That's very true, although if I were to found a reputable site, I figure the drugs I am getting is what I am getting. hopefully someone that has used an online store can give me some insight...

Comment #4

Well yea finding a reputable site is the hard thing.And then the only way to be sure would be to have the pills tested. But even if that blister pack is genuine....whos to say the rest are?Its very hard....I dunno how you'd find a genuine site - espically with Murad Resurgence, so many people want it. Therefore the counterfit market is going to be huge..

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