Brownie/Pudding Ice Cream Sandwich Medifast recipe

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I cannot take any credit for this, I just used a recipe someone posted on Facebook to the Medifast fan page:.

1 packet brownie.

1 chocoloate pudding.

Make as directed.

Spray plate with pam and spread brownie onto plate.

Cook for 1.45 min in microwave.

Smooth pudding over brownie and freeze.

That is 2 servings so cut in half and enjoy.

I just tried it out and it made a nice treat! I think I would enjoy more of the brownie part though - there was too much pudding to brownie ratio for me. Maybe I would do 2 brownies, and 1 pudding and really make it a sandwich.

The next time I'll try it with vanilla (or banana! YUM) pudding and try it with 2 brownies, cut in to 3rds for one meal each...

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Wish I read this 30 mins ago lol...sounds great can't wait to try.....

Comment #1

Uhm... YUM! I will def be trying this one out!! mm mmm mmmmmm!..

Comment #2

I'd try it but reduce the amount of water in the pudding making it more of a thicker, frosting like consistancy..

Actually I bet the hot cocoa would be good for this too with the reduced water.... hmmmmmmm.....

Comment #3

How much less water for the pudding would you say? It's a bit chilly here today, but once it warms up, I definitely want to try this again with some tweaks..

Which reminds me, I have the 2nd half of my ice cream sandwich waiting for me in the freezer. I sure hope it warms up here or else I'll have to turn on the heater before I can bear to eat it!.

I'm probably being an overdramatic San Diegan, but it's like 60 degrees! Who can eat ice cream when it's that cold out?..

Comment #4

No whining from San Diego.....It's in the 60s here in Michigan and we actually had 84 yesterday. BUT we are expecting snow showers overnight on the weekend....No whining from San Diego....

Hope you are having a fabulous OP day!! You are doing this - great job!!..

Comment #5

Hrmm....gonna try this out! I have vanilla pudding, choco pudding, and hot cocoa to top off my brownies! This will work great for me on weekends when I end up with 2 meals left over at the end of the day!!!!!!!..

Comment #6

LOL, some of us STILL eat ice cream when it's like -40 outside, yes it does get that cold here.

I'm thinking of making this with the soft serve icecream, pudding, 1/2 cup water, 1 cup of ice, 1 tbs cream cheese, blitz until it's like soft scoop, mmmmmm gonna be good..

Comment #7

I going to try this out, it sound great. I have chocolate pudding and brownie at home. I can't wait, I am going to try it tonight...

Comment #8

I am eating this right now! All I have to say is OMG! I can taste the chocolate chips in the brownie with the pudding, it's heavenly. I had a decent amount of pudding leftover that wouldn't fit on my sandwich so I just ate it then This I will for sure make again...

Comment #9

My favorite part about this recipe is that it has 0 added condiments! Now, the soft serve with cream cheese idea... I might be able to part with a healthy fat for that..

My 2nd favorite thing about the recipe is that you can stretch it out over time. I actually cut my 2 meal sandwich into fourths. So I had my two halves of one meal over a couple of hours. And I still have two more halves to make one meal later today for dessert!.

I'm tempted to scrap it and just make a double brownie/vanilla version instead, but I know I should be practical and wait for another day for that, when it's warmer. :P..

Comment #10

Speaking of Ice Cream and in Ohio..there is an ice cream place that gives you a free scoop if it's raining or snowing!!!! WE have so done that too!!!! hehehehe!..

Comment #11

So the original recipe has no top? It is brownie with pudding on it, right?.

I wonder if you could make some and freeze them wrapped in plastic wrap for a couple of days...

Comment #12

I made mine into two small sandwiches with tops and bottoms. I ate the first one about 25 minute after putting in the freezer. The 2nd one I just pulled out to eat and it's wayyy too hard so I nuked it for 30 seconds. I don't care for it so much now as I did when I first made it, but it'll do...

Comment #13

I made this last night. It was very yummy. I didn't add any condiments this time but next time I will do 1/2 tsp of vanilla in the ice cream pudding...

Comment #14

I made something similar both Saturday and Sunday night. I made the brownie, then made thick hot cocoa (just a splash of water to make it a thick paste), spread the cocoa on top and froze it all. Saturday I froze it for several hours so it was really hard and frozen. Last night I just froze for an hour or so, and it wasn't frozen solid. It was softer and the texture of the cocoa reminded me of fudge. So good...

Comment #15

Ok it's morning and now allI can think about is making this later today. Yummy..

Comment #16

This sounds really tasty but I have to wait until I get more brownies...

Comment #17

So TOM came to visit today and I was craving some crap. so I made one of these tonight! OH MY! soo delicious!. really hit the spot!.

I made mine this way.....

Instead of spreading the brownie on the whole plate I made two longish rectangles (like the size of a real ice cream sandwich) on one plate, and then nuked it. then I stuck both pudding and brownie in freezer for a bit just till pudding was starting to get icy then took them out and put a good half inch of pudding on one rectangle, then put the other rectangle on top and then stuck them back in freezer for about an hour or so. I had an actual ice cream sandwich. it was chocolatey and creamy just like a real one. oh and I used banana pudding. DEEEEEE LISH!..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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