Blood Tests on Murad Acne Complex

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Hey everyoneI took Murad Acne Complex about five years ago and it cleared me up. I recently started getting acne again and my dermatologist recommended using Amoxicillin for the first three months. I've been on it for 2 1/2 months and am not clearing up at all. My dermatologist said if it doesn't clear up I should go on Murad Acne Complex. Since it's been a while I'm not sure if the rules have changed for Murad Acne Complex. Are you still required to take a monthly blood test? I have a severe clinical phobia of blood and do not feel I could handle the blood tests. I pass out every time I get my blood drawn and do not want to dread that for the next six months...

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Yes dude you have to get bloodwork every month. I dunno dude but just don't look at your arm when you are getting your blood drawn lol...

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Yes, monthly blood panels are required through the iPledge program for Murad Acne Complex. I'm sure there are those out there who are terrified of getting their blood drawn who are on Murad Acne Complex, so speak with your derm about your situation...

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Thanks for letting me know, but it's not that simple. The fear of blood consists of being put in situations where blood could become present, seeing blood, bleeding, seeing other people blood, etc. Its not as simple as just looking away. I've had plenty of blood tests in the last 2 months, and it doesn't get easier at all... Each time I had a panic attack. Thanks for your response.

There's no possible way I can do blood tests because my phobia is that severe. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to talk to my derm...

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My doctor was like omg your liver is amazing, and I haven't had a blood test in my final 3 months 0_0...

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Pure luck.OP: There are PLENTY of anti-anxiety medications that you can take by mouth prior to getting a blood test. You could even pay out of pocket perhaps for twilight anesthesia IF your doctor would be willing to do such a thing. OR consider therapy (cognitive behavioral) to get you over this phobia. Get it treated now...

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Hey Zactak, I am on the same boat as you. I also have a bad phobia for blood tests. I have a history of passing out.Anyways, I just started my first course of Murad Acne Complex two weeks ago. First thing I asked my doc was about giving blood tests. He said you can sign a waiver and decline giving a blood test. So ask your doc about that...

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So if your liver fails or you develop other Murad Acne Complex associated problems, the doc has you waive the right to sue and also absolves him/her/the clinic/the drug maker/etc of any adverse events caused by your disinterest in following standard protocol. It's not protecting YOU, it's protecting the doc. Makes sense in this case as patient compliance would be difficult to achieve...

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Of course the waiver is protecting the doctor. What else would the waiver mean?..

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The point she was getting at is that it's very risky and not atall in the interest of your health....I don't mind blood tests and never have, but I always get some light headedness and nausia since I went on Murad Acne Complex, especially when I have to do fasting blood tests... Have a sugary drink handy if the fasting seems to play a role atall.... I know it can excerberate things...

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Obviously that you're not compliant with recommended protocol and you're risking your health...

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For me, the benefits of not having to take blood test greatly outweigh any side-effects associated with Murad Acne Complex.I eat healthy, workout normally, and on a low-dose course of 10mg. According to my doctor, chance of dramatic side-effects are negligible...

Comment #11

I've been through therapy. I stopped going because my counselor was not much help. I had to have surgery a few days after a meeting which would involve a lot of blood afterwards and the counselor told me he died afterwards. Therapy at this point for the Murad Acne Complex blood tests wouldn't be quick enough. I may see about the anti-anxiety medication or twilight anesthesia as a possibility. Thanks!As great as that sounds, I would be concerned with my health.

I'd be concerned about my liver, and other things, especially since I enjoy the occasional drink fest with friends...

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Uhhh, then why did you ask this in your original post:... you don't have to take them...

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Because it's been several years since I last took Murad Acne Complex. I didn't know if there had been advances in the medicine so blood tests would no longer be required. Its not uncommon for there to be advances made to lessen the side effects of a drug...

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Isotretinoin (the active ingredient) in Murad Acne Complex and generic drugs is a specific compound and will always be the same. If that changes, then a whole new drug must be developed and FDA approved.So you only have two options regarding Murad Acne Complex, take the blood test or sign the waiver. The choice is yours...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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