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Size Genetics Scam

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A person?s height, eye color, facial features and many other traits are decided by genetics. Genetics also help to determine a man?s penis size. Many men with smaller penises have a loss of confidence and some may sink into conditions such as depression.

Some men in an attempt to correct this genetic oversight have decided to change the size of their penis with a certain technological system called Size Genetics. Many people feel that the Size Genetics devices and systems are a scam.

The penis size is measured using two different elements: the length and the girth. The length is measured to how long the penis will extend during an erection. The girth is the thickness of the penis when a man is sexually stimulated.

Size Genetics claims to enlarge the penis by using devices and exercise that will help men get the results they are hoping for. Most men who want to use the system are either lacking in length or girth. There are very few men who are perfect in both.

Size Genetics is a traction device. Traction devices are one of the most recommended penis enlargement methods available. The idea came for the idea that is base on the use of devices in orthopedics that can lengthen the arm and leg safely. The system consists of the Traction Device, ProSolution Pills, Volume Pills, Penis Health Trial Membership, and Spare Parts.

The Traction Device and Spare Parts are also sold individually. The ProSolution pills are supposedly semen volume producing pills. The system costs about $400 and the Traction Devise is $300. They claim to have a full refund policy. Many men have felt that SizeGenetics did nothing for them. Here are a few testimonials.

In October one user of the Size Genetics system claimed that after paying $360 for the Extender he had a lot of issue with it. He tried to fasten the device, but it caused him too much pain. The device also had a slipping issue. He felt he could not possibly wear the device for two minutes because he would have to tighten it too much and it would cut off his circulation.

He tried to get his money back, but he could not because the condition of the full money-back guarantee is that the user keeps it and wears it for six months before they are eligible to return it.

In February, one user claimed that Size Genetics sent them a non-functional product. They tried to call customer service several times and have e-mailed the company several times. No one has answered their calls or their emails and they will not honor their return policy either.

In January, one user claimed that after using Size Genetics for two months, they saw no real results. They saw no change in their girth and only saw a couple millimeter changes in their length. They decided to try to return the product, but was told that they have to have it for at least four months in order to return it. They were very disappointed with the product.