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Size Genetics Instructions

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Size Genetics is a penis enlargement System that consists of four different products that are promoted to help enlarge the penis. The four products are the Size Genetics Penis Traction Device, ProSolution Enlargement Pills, VolumePill Semen Volumizer and a one month trial membership to This website gives the user exercises that will supposedly help to lengthen, give more girth and help the user to have harder erections and more stimulation.

This system is for user?s who feel their penis is too small, if their penis is curved (peyronie?s disease), or if the user want to feel more self confident about having a bigger, straighter penis. This system promotes that there will be guaranteed permanent penis enlargement (length and girth), a bigger penis head, the ability to prevent and control premature ejaculations, a person having harder erections, the ability to prevent impotency, a user having longer and more intense orgasms, a male having multiple orgasms, the user having an increased sex drive and sexual stimulation, a straighter penis and the user having more confidence and great sex.

The Size Genetics Penis Traction Device has a plastic ring that is fastened to the base of the penis; the silicone ring is attached to the penis head. There are two adjustable bars that sit along side of the penis and these can be adjusted to vary tension from 1.5 to 3.5 lbs. it is supposedly not painful and can fit any penis size.