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Size Genetics Device

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The Size Genetics Extender Device claims to do miraculous things for men who want to enlarge their penis and get the penis size they ?dream? about. The device is marketed to men who feel that their penis is too small or suffers from peyronie?s disease (curved penis). It claims that the device is a safe and effective way to enlarge the penis without costing a fortune.

The device itself does carry the CE mark as Type 1 Medical device which basically means that it is safe when it is used as instructed and it does not cause serious side effects. It is typically known as the Size Genetics Extender Device. They say that it is lightweight and it can fit in the palm of the hand.

The device uses traction to enlarge the penis. Traction is also used for traditional orthopedic surgery. It is used to encourage bone growth needed for certain conditions and in plastic surgery it is used fro tissue expansion to cover cutaneous defects, burn and areas of hair loss. Traction has also been used to stretch stunted arms and legs.

Size Genetics claims that since the body can adapt under pressure, that by applying constant traction to the penis over a length of time then it will trigger the penis?s growth function. The body will adapt to this force then grow new bulky tissue cells. This growth is reported to increase length and girth enormously.

The way that it claims to work is that the Size Genetics Extender Device supplies a steady and constant traction along the Copora Cavernosa (spongy tissue that makes and erection possible). This constant traction causes the cells in the Copra Cavernosa to pull away and split eventually. This split will supposedly cause cell duplication and create new healthy cells as it splits.

The idea is that this split over time will cause the Copora Cavernosa and the penis to become bigger. Then the penis itself can contain more blood during erections and this will make the penis longer in both a flaccid and erect state. It also claims to stimulate the Corpus Spongisum and Cavernosal Artery which will supposedly give the user improved girth and give them ?rock-hard? erections with added sensation.

The Size Genetics Extender Device makes the argument that since the penis is like any other muscle in the body it needs exercise and also claims that the penis is considered to be the ?forgotten? muscle group.

The theory is that by continually training, straining and pushing the limits of the penile muscle that the penis will become bigger. The idea is that the more that a person trains by using the Extender regularly, the bigger their penis will get.

There are many things that the Extender Device claim to guarantee and one is permanent penis enlargement, both length and girth. Among other things that the Device is marketed to promote are longer, more intense orgasms, male multiple orgasms, harder erections, the ability to prevent and control premature ejaculation, a bigger penis head, having an increased sex drive and sexual stamina and having more confidence.