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ProSolution Gel Review

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Many men have tried products to enhance their sex life. One such product is called ProSolution Gel. It is a product that promotes the ability to help not only improve the user?s sexual performance, but also helps to increase sexual pleasure. The Gel supposedly has the fastest and most satisfying results as any other product like it on the market.

The ProSolution Gel used transdermal technology. Since this type of technology is used, people who use it report to enjoy the effects that are needed during sex with very little preparation. The product promotes to give the user an immediate change in sexual appetite, performance and penis size within a matter of seconds.

When comparing the Gel with other products like pills or other devices that have been used to promote the benefits that the Gel promotes to have, the Gel supposedly works quicker and are longer lasting. The other products supposedly take hours or days to see results.

The ProSolution Gel works by incorporating transdermal technology by bringing nutrients directly into the bloodstream. Since this is a direct approach, it seems to take only seconds to feel some kind of results. With pills, digestion and absorption in the stomach lining has to take place before feeling any kind of results.

Some of the ingredients in the Gel have been known to result in the overall enhancement of penis size, sexual desire and stamina and performance during sex. Other ingredients can cause the blood vessels leading to the penis to expand. This expansion could give users fuller and harder erections.

A closer look into the ingredients reveals that the Gel contains natural herbs. L-Arginine is an amino acid that boosts nitric oxide that is responsible for dilating blood vessels leading toward the penis. Aloe Vera helps by improving blood flow. Bearberry extract helps to produce harder erections by acting like an astringent.

Algae extract the skin to absorb nutrients. Mango butter is an ingredient that acts as an aphrodisiac, menthol helps to stimulate the genitals, and vitamin C helps to boost the sex drive, stamina and recovery in between sessions.

When more blood enters the tissues in the penis immediate arousal occurs as well as increased sensitivity and sensation in the area. This could also lead to an improved sperm quality and motility as it is produced, long lasting fullness and hardness because of engorgement and also a powerful orgasm and increase in ejaculation output.

Some people that have used the Gel have reported having full and hard erections even after drinking several beers or a full day?s work. The Gel is transparent and does not leave foam or residue after intercourse. It does not compromise the integrity of condoms.

Some users have claimed that the results happen in seconds and last as long as the sexual activity. The Gel can be applied continually and it will supposedly help provide the desired benefits, even for multiple sessions. Some have also reported that they have not felt or seen any results at all.