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Proactol Side Effects

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Note: We recommend 6 month supply
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Are there any potential side effects to Proactol? There are no serious ones from reviews written across the web, and seems very safe to take. It is organic and natural, and studies have not revealed any glaring side effects from it so far. The only thing people should be worried about is consuming too much of it. Please follow the directions, and you should be safe. There are a few exceptions and rules you should know about Proactol:

- It is not for children under 12 years old
- If you are pregnant or breast feeding, stop using Proactol.
- Studies have shown that Vitamin A and E absorption can be slightly affected. It would not hurt to take a multi-vitamin everyday.
- Don’t take Proactol if you have any kidney issues such as kidney stones. If in doubt, call your doctor and ask him if it’s safe.
- People with diabetes should call their doctor to ask whether Proactol is safe for him.
- People that are taking medicine for their cholesterol should also consult their doctor.