Does blackheads get worse or better with Murad Acne Complex?

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Anybodys black heads on their face looking worse on Murad Acne on my 3rd week 40 mg and my face is kinda dry but my blackheads are poppuing out and are in places that I didnt even know ive had curious if this is just them coming to the surface or what...should I try to get them out? if they do fall out how long does it take? theyve been really big for like 4 days already...also my face is all red and I'm wondering if this is a symptom that lasts the whole course? also anyone else on a 4 month course?I had to join this site ebcause everyone seems to help each other out and I think thats real cool while were all going through this.....

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Ah, The same stuff is happening to me.My nose is covered in nothing but blackheads. D:I don't go anywhere So I'm fine with them being there.I just have to remember to wash my face daily and moisterize and thats about it.As for your questions, You are probably going through the initial breakout. it's the same with me. My appt with my derm is coming up soon, So I'm hoping to get some answers. Good Luck!..

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Trust me this happens to like everyone usually. for me it lasted until the end of like the month and it mmakes your face soo much better. Now I dont get ANY blackheads. at alln I'm at month 3 now. and I can say that I havnt had a single blackheads. pimles yes tho..

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My blackheads got extremely dark the first few weeks or so, but I'm halfway through month 2, and most of them are pretty much gone now. You just have to be patient to see great results!..

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Blackheads are normal on Murad Acne Complex, it's because your skin is drying and getting tighter...but they'll be gone soon. Be patient. A few weeks into my first month my blackheads got darker, and I got new ones on my cheeks and forehead...I'm starting my second month now, and they're slowly starting to disappear now.Hope this helps!..

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The blackheads appear because Murad Acne Complex is forcing everything that's clogging your pores to come to the surface. It's a sign of progress. Don't squeeze your skin to try to extract them ... you'll just leave red marks all over the place. They'll come out by themselves...

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Yes, I got a lot of blackheads while on Murad Acne Complex. they came in places where i've never had problems before and they were really noticeable. my face also got red while on Murad Acne Complex, but the flushing went away as soon as I ended my course. as lq said- don't pick or squeeze the blackheads becuase it will either tear the skin or leave little red marks. they will fall out by themselves, or ask your derma for a topical to get rid of them...

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I actualy squeezed almost every blackhead out. and I wouldnt suggest it, but it ddint leave any marks for me accept like the clogged pore type blackheads. But the areas that had blackheads now are perfect and not a problem area any moreim starting month 3 and I'm currently almost fully clear..

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Yes dude that is normal. I had hella blackheads on my nose during the begining but now I can't really tell now. (I'm like on month 5). it takes time...but it will go away I think...

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Do you get blackheads on places like cheeks / forehead, or is it just the nose??..

Comment #9

Mainly on my nose - but lightly on my cheeks too..

Comment #10

Thanks good posts...yeah I feel them cause my nose is rough and they keep falling out but theres like a million of them on my nose above my mouth even on my chin and a little on my cheeks I dont know how long it's going to take for them all to fall out..

Comment #11

I got/get (hopefully no more)....I got whiteheads instead of blackheads on my nose and cheek area. I actually had to use egg masks and a tweezer to puck them off. I work in client service and a very professional environment so I could not deal with talking to ppl on my team or clients with the pricklies on my face, lol. I did get a little red but it did not last long plus I am black so you could barely notice. I did notice, however, that a few times I would actually scratch/pull my skin. Oh! Big Thing...all those white heads I pullled out left huge and I do mean HUGE holes/pores but they get smaller fast...

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