Medifast recipe for Betty's Mediflop?

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Okay I am SO tired and giddy...had to share. I was TRYING to make the better brownie. So I mixed, and added, and stirrred...a little egg, a little chocolate syrup, you name it. Taste, stir, taste, add more, taste. I THOUGHT I had it made. Great batter = great brownies, right? I am not sure WHAT the hell came out of my oven.

But I think that I could make a bunch of them, and send them to you guys who need a heavy duty sponge to scrub your Christmas turkey roasting pans. I give up. I am leaving the baking to BT, Lydiaa and all the others. XOXOXO B..

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BETTINA! I am not laughing at you here; your picturesque speech gives me a lot of enjoyment and brightens my day! I'm sorry it didn't work out but you made me chuckle today: the way you described what came out of your oven!!!!! That tickles me!!!!!..

Comment #1

Martha, glad you giggled...and, if you want, I'll send you a Christmas Sponge. Have a great night. XOXOX B..

Comment #2

Omg....Bettina... I can always use a good scrubby.... So sorry that your new and improved brownies didn't turn out as you had anticipated. You know.. a nice red bow and they'll be a great holiday gift. hee hee hee have a great one...

Comment #3

Hey Bettysue I have had a few of those results myself. Did you feed it to your babies, or was it beyond hope? My Wilma won't come near a mediflop. I do ok when I mix up stuff that doesn't require cooking, and I can do a mean pancake/cookie. But beyond that I don't do so well..

Comment #4

LOL Bettina. Funny .... Yours was the first post this morning I read ... LOL ... Laughing is a good way to start the day. Sorry to hear about the flop though.

(If Medifast products actually do contain chocolate. That's a good question, isn't it? Maybe carob?) Chocolate can be dangerous to a dog. Oh ... is your name Betty or Bettina?..

Comment #5

It CAN'T be any nastier than my "Tropical Punch Fruit Leather" Mediflop of a few weeks ago. I could not even *gag* it down. And it was HOT PINK, too..



Comment #6

Yikes! I have this weird distaste for any pink food. It makes me gag asap. I think it is due to taking Pepto when I was a kid. *double shudder*..

Comment #7

Well, the other brownies you posted were delicious! Now buck up and get back ta bakin' miss betty!! We can't do it all ourselves!..

Comment #8

Good morning MediChicks...No I didn't feed this monstrosity to my dogs. I have a heart. I left it in the sink with some Dawn and dirty dishes. Let it die a slow death. It was bad, real bad...

Comment #9

And Defrag...My real name is Bettina Susan. So some people call me Betty or Betty Sue. But I changed my middle name to Sofia a few years ago. Sorry to the Susans here. But I thought my mom was still on the drugs in the hospital when she put "Susan" in between my very Italian first and last names...

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