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Hello all -.

I'm new...Day3 and looking at a long hill to climb, but willing to make the commitment..

Question for my first month, I just ordered the combo/variety pack is this the best way to do it every month? Or, should I pick and choose the foods I like the best and just do the math so it adds up to the # of meals I need? I don't really want to do the VIP thing because I don't like the automatic ordering..

How does everyone do it? What works for you for variety AND optimal cost-savings?..

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I order mine by choosing...some things I do not like and the variety-pack there is things that I don't like and you can get $50.00 coupon in Woman'sDay magazine...

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Welcome to MF!! I also ordered the combo/variety pack my first month. I liked that I got a nice variety and that way, I was able to find out what my favorite things were and since then, I have customized my order. Even if you sign up for the VIP you are able to change the items you order each month. You can change the items in your cart up until 3-4 days before you order processes. Also, if you need to change your shipping date or skip a month, you have that option aswell. I know some people that order from the Medifast site don't sign up for VIP and then they look for coupons every month.

Just google medifast coupons. If you do the VIP, the coupon codes don't work. However, if you sign up for VIP, you get free shipping if your order is over a certain amount and the 5% discount. Hope this helps!..

Comment #2

After your first variety pack, you will find things you don't like and you will want to try things that aren't in the pack. It's an okay way to start, but you will want to chose your own favorites I'm sure...

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I got the "variety pack" when I received my first order.....some of the stuff I just didn't like. I called Medifast (I got the # where it says "contact us") and asked them if I can exchange some items....the woman on the phone was very friendly. I ended up exchanging 9 boxes of things I didn't like for 9 boxes of things I know I do like. I shipped the box on a friday and got my exchange items 7 mailing days later..

About 1 1/2 weeks before my next order was to be shipped, I clicked on the "my account" tab. I ordered exactly what I wanted for the next month ( I think it has to be over $299) and then once you reach the $299 total (or pass it LOL) you can delete the variety pack off the order..

It's very easy/convenient!..

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I always order by choosing my own food selection and the foods I like, which happen to be the shakes and drinks. I also use the $25 or $50 coupon on my orders to save too!..

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I choose my items a la carte and have zero interest in the VIP program. My monthly orders are always enough for half-price shipping, even after the $50 off coupon you can always find in some magazine. To me, that's the simplest way: order what I want, when I want it, at a good price...

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I do the be slim club it's similar to the vip but with a health coach and tsfl.

I pick and choose exactly what I want for the month, and do it about a week before the order is ready to ship.... you can move the order date up ie sooner or postpone it later or even skip a month....

I'm up to an 8% discount on my food at this point... (started in april) and as long as I order over 250.00 I get free shipping....

One impt thing for me is to order what I like and what i'll eat... not suffer thru stuff I don't like..

Plus I get points to get free things thru the be slim club... you can get all sorts of stuff..

Comment #7

I started last week. The first time, I ordered the 2 week variety pack and was pleased..

I just put in my second order - 2 weeks worth - of what I want. I use the coupons also. I think I need to order in 2 week-increments. I guess I visualize what the days will look like this way, and I can add in new things a few at a time...

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I order mine according to what I like or feel like eating that particular time. My first order I did the variety pack to get a sampling of what the things were like. Now that I know what my favorites are I tend to stick to those. I also use the coupons available to lessen the cost. It is a little cheaper to order a whole month at a time because of shipping. I do order mine two weeks at a time sometimes though depending on my budget...

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