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My question is: Best promotional codes for

My 2nd question is:  .

There is a Guy at the hedge fund I work out Steve that has been flirting with Me making eye contact, smiling.  this has been going on since the Summertime anyway I like Him and am attracted to Him (I never dated a co-worker & literally 7  Couples have hooked up and are going strong since I've been there so please don't judge the dating (online dating with a co -worker thing).  I overhead Steve tell Jackie He likes Me..

So I've been really curious about His status.  There is this Girl Jackie and Louise that work with him on occasion so I am not really crazy about Jackie to ask her something like that so I spoke to Louise and She didnt know and said She does not see any rings/photos lol and asked if Im interested so I nodded.  So She said She would ask Jackie so now I am assuming at this point they spoke about it maybe they even told Steve.  So now I am in a grey area I overhead Jackie tell Louise I only spoke to Her for the info and Jackie was staring Me up and down  head to toe the other day.  Louise is acting the same to Me cordial good morning etc...I have no intention of bringing it up again I dont think I did anything wrong in asking a question about Him. .

Please let Me know what You think?..

Comments (4)

You want to know something about some one...ask your self dont go to a third party specially if it's a woman. Every one might get catty. As far as jealous...who cares??? Whats there to be jealous about...

Comment #1

She came up to Me Friday at lunch and said He is married.  I don't believe Her though.  I just think there both really catty and don't like to see other People happy it is sad that Girls like this exist..

Comment #2

I think you need to not discuss your romantic relationships or intentions with anyone in that office and deal directly with the guy.  Once other women get involved .. the cat fights begin because everyone acts like the men who hang with them are "theirs" .. sick and very weak minded .. but true...

Comment #3

It is crazy how Girls get all I did was ask a question it's unreal.  I agree with You ladies I am going to see what happens now and How he acts towards Me that is really what counts if He knows I like Him now then Im ok with it we are all adults..

I saw Him yesterday in the cafe near the office and he said hello and I said hi back Im assuming he told Louise that he ran into me because an hour later She gave me a dirty look..

Can You imagine I couldnt care less what they think lol.

Thanks Girls!!..

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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