Best Nutrisystem desserts?

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I'm new and want to make sure I end the night with a great tasting sweet. Which ones are the best???..

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Your question was: Best Nutrisystem desserts?.

I like the bars. I like to freeze them. They last longer. The chocolate nugat with peanuts are the best. I also get the soy chips for when I want a crunch...

Comment #1

I love lots of them. But my current favorite is the chocolate crunch bar. I save my fat serving from dinner and spread 1 tsp of peanut butter on it, YUM!!!!.

My next favorite is the chocolate peppermint cookie...

Comment #2

I get the frozen Nutrisystem foods and all the ice creams are great..

I also loved the brownie.

I was never a big sweet eater....but on this diet it seems like such a luxury to end the day with something decedent..

I really enjoy them now...

Comment #3

The Thin Mint Chocolate Crisp Bar and the Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies!..

Comment #4

I forgot about the mint chocolate crisp bar - very goood!..

Comment #5

Thin mint chocolate crisp bar dipped in fat free whip cream. YUM! (I have to hide them because my mom, who isn't on nutrisystem, steals them.) lol..

Comment #6

I really like the Carrot Cake.not skimpy at all & tastes like the real thing! Have a great dessert whichever you choose!..

Comment #7

I love the chocolate pound cake, the cookies and the coconut almond bar. Once in a while I will eat the breakfast double choclate muffin as a snack!..

Comment #8

Chocolate cake, carrot cake, brownie, pound cake, the chocolate chocolate almond cookie and the chocolate pudding are the only desserts I eat!!! They are all awesome!!!..

Comment #9

THAT is funny!!! Thin mint crisps are my fav too...the brownie warmed up for 12 seconds with a little FF cool whip on top is great too..

Comment #10

Pretty much all of the cookies with Oatmeal Raisin probably my favorite. I like to warm them up in the oven (not the microwave) while a make a cup of decaf to go with it. It's a great end of the day treat.

Of the bars, got to say the Coconut Almond (Almond Joy) is the best with the Chocolate Nougat Bar w/ Peanuts & Carmel a close second (Baby Ruth)...

Comment #11

I cast my vote for the chocolate chip pudding!.

I could have it every night! I love it (esp with a little ff redi whip!).

I don't like the thin mint bar very much. I do like the crunch bars though.


Comment #12

I love the chocolate chip cookie, the chocolate chip pudding, and the barbque soy chips..

Comment #13

I love the Golden Pound Cake and Chocolate Pound Cake anda also save the chips for that crunch factor...

Comment #14

There is only one sweet dessert that I do not care for and that is the chocolate caramel bar. The pound cakes are not my favorite but love all the bars and cookies, etc...

Comment #15


But I really like quite a few things:.

The above are my favorites.

Chocolate Pudding.

Chocolate nougat / caramel.


Almond Biscotti..

Comment #16

Thin mint chocolate chip bar.

& the carrot cake is tasty too!..

Comment #17

I like the NutriChocolates. I also like the chocolate cake and I pour a bit of the Davinci's Sugar Free Kahlua syrup over it. The cake soaks it up and makes it so moist and goooood...

Comment #18

My favorite is the Golden Pound Cake and the Chocolate Cake with some fruit and whip cream. Whenever I have that people can't believe that it's ok on a diet!..

Comment #19

My current favorite is the Milk Chocolatey Delight Bar which is very interesting as it has dark chocolate and I usually only like milk chocolate. The last few months it is the only dessert I have ordered. I still have some of the other desserts such as the oatmeal raisin cookie (my previous favorite) but find myself always choosing the bar. I also like the pound cakes (with a little FF cool whip) and the BBQ soy chips. I actually like a lot of the other desserts too, but those are my favorites. That said, everybody's taste is different.

Once you've tried a lot of the entrees you can customize your next order to include more of your favorites...

Comment #20

My favorite is the golden pound cake with blueberry sauce. Heat up the blueberries with some Truvia. Also like the peppermint cookie and brownie...

Comment #21

Hi Denise I really love that thick chocolate-covered mint cookie. Yum...

Comment #22

Hi Nancy!.

I can't get the mint cookie.. it's not on the diabetic plan. my hubby said he likes it alot...

Comment #23

Oh I usually like all of the sweet desserts. My all time fave is the peppermint cookie patty thing, I would eat it dieting or not over a regular chocolate bar any day of the week. I love the crunchy mint fudge bar thing too.. Oh and the walnut cookies are so good, and I like having a lot of little ones better then one big one. I never get any of the savory snacks because soy chips from the store are cheaper and have the same stats, if I want that kind of thing. It's REALLY hard to find sweets with higher protein amounts at the store, which is why I only order the sweets for dessert...

Comment #24

Peppermint cookie patti is awesome too..

Choc chip pudding is also one of my favs..

Comment #25

Yummm... I love the chocolate cake. The fudge brownie is really good too...

Comment #26

Anything that's not sweet! I can't stand sweets at night because it's such a binge trigger for me. So instead of being full and content at the end of the night i'm ravenous and looking for more....

Although I really like sweets so usually I save my dinner fruit for dessert (along with the Nutrisystem thing), that way it's the best of both worlds...

Comment #27

Peppermint cookie and coconut almond bar are my favs..

Husband and son trying to lose a few lbs without NS....they get so mad that I get to have something yummy and chocolatey every night!!..

Comment #28

Um, most of 'em! LOL seriously, there aren't any I don't enjoy, but I do have favorites...the pudding, the peppermint cookie, the coconut bar, the brownie, any of the "candy bars" really, and the walnut choc chip cookies!.


Comment #29

I LOVE the carrot cake and the fudge brownie. I usually save my dairy from snack and have a glass of milk. Oh my what a treat!!..

Comment #30

I'm not telling, I don't want it to be out of stock!..

Comment #31

I love the pudding mixed with ff cool whip. My favorite though is the chocolate nougat bar, yummy. I bought tons of them. And I forgot, the carrot cake, warm it in the nuker for 30 seconds and put some FF cool whip on it. It's to die for...

Comment #32

Chocolate nougat bar with peanuts - just like a Snickers!.

Mini walnut chocolate chip cookes - yum.

Thin mint chocolate crisp bar - a little much sometimes, but just eat it in small bites.....

Comment #33

My favorite is the Milk Cho bar with carmel! The cho brownies are fabulous also!..

Comment #34

Last night I made the golden pound cake for DH. I saved his fruit from dinner and served it up with raspberries and blueberries and some FF coolwhip. He loved it.

When I have a savory snack at night, I feel like I miss dessert, so I save up a protein and fruit from earlier in the day and have a yogurt parfait. Then I have my savory snack too! The BBQ soy chips are my favorite...

Comment #35

I love the thin mint bar. and the honey mustard pretzels...

Comment #36

Carrot cake and chocolate nougat bar with peanuts. My first order I ended up with a bunch of the chocolate carmel bars, which are pretty gross, for the next order a stocked up on the chocolate nougat bar with peanuts, they are just like a snickers, well maybe not just like them, but close...

Comment #37

Thin Mint Crisp Bar (This ROCKS - I'd eat it even if I wasn't on NS).

Peppermint Cookie Patty (This ROCKS - I'd eat this TOO even it I wasn't on NS).

Chocolate Cake.

Fudge Brownie is good - not a fav tho - something about it.


Comment #38

Thin Mint Crisp Bar, Walnut Choc Chip Cookies, Jen's Lava Cake made from Pancake Mix.


Comment #39

Where is the recipe for jen's lava cake made from Nutrisystem pancake..

Comment #40

Ok...I had the cheese puffs the other night and they are not for me LOL...

Comment #41

I haven't found a dessert that didn't like yet! I love the Coconut Almond Bar...

Comment #42

Best by far is the chocolate nougat bar, really impressed with that one. also really enjoyed the chocolate pound cake, but NOT the golden pound cake. something about that tasted super fake. same with the brownie and the white choco chip cookies...

Comment #43

Mint chocolate crip bar is really good. Taste like thin mint girl scout cookies. I also like the walnut chocolate chip cookies, carrot, and chocolate cake...

Comment #44

I think the chocolate brownie tastes salty. The double chocolate almond cookies are great!..

Comment #45

I like most of the them but I think my absolute favorite (maybe) is the Chocolate delight bar...

Comment #46

I like the pound cake with FF cool whip and blueberries. A blueberries short cake.

Also like the m&m's and peppermint cookie..

I wish Nutrisystem would figure out how to make cupcakes or donuts. Not that would be great...

Comment #47

I had the golden pound cake last night. Saved up a fruit serving and topped it with strawberries and FF whipped topping. I was seriously looking forward to eating that all day...

Comment #48

Only been on Nutrisystem for about a week and a half so havent tried a whole lot of the desserts yet but my favorites so far are the blueberry lemon bar and teh chocolate fudge bar. Wasnt real crazy about the chocolate cake at all. And yes donuts would be great lol..

Comment #49

I love the brownie, the chocolate and the golden cake all heated up in microwave. Oh I also like the peppermint cookies and thin mint crips..

Comment #50

OK I don't usually care for sweets, so maybe this is the PMS talking. But OMG I just had another choco-gasm. Had a leftover fat today so I spread some peanut butter on the Double Chocolate Almond Cookie. *shiver* Heaven! A few weeks ago I lost my Nutrisystem chocolate dessert virginity to the Thin Mint Crisp (also Heaven), but I only had the one in my shipment so thought I'd give this cookie a try. Wowza!.

Now, next month when I get another shipment, I'm gonna try peanut butter on the Thin Mint Crisp (used to do that with Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies as a kid). Man, I want one now LOL!..

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