Best Medifast soups?

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I am on a tight budget and my doctor had most of her Medifast shakes at 50%, however I'm beginning to think it might be wise to buy some Oatmeal and some Soup.

That said - I know it's hard to screw up oatmeal, but I'm wanting to know what soups people like.

Also - how are the eggs?.

Please let me know : ).


The Bird Girl..

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Eggs are like egg beaters as long as you soak them and make them in a pan not the microwave. I like to add 1 tbsp salsa to them too (1 condiment). My favorite soups: chicken noodle since I can change it up any number of ways to keep it interesting (like 1 tsp vinegar and a couple dashes of tabasco for instant hot and sour soup), the maryland crab and the chili. Love the chili. Just remember to let them all soak a couple hours first. I don't mind the oatmeal but will only eat the maple/brown sugar and the apple/cinnamon, but I don't like fruity oatmeal, that's just me.

There is a thread asking people to list one food they love and one food they hate and every single Medifast food was listed in both columns LOL so it's really up to you as an individual to try them and see. Also, what you might not like in the beginning, you'll probably love about a month down the line as your body detoxes from carbs, refined sugars, etc. and you learn to really taste your food again. I was surprised, it was like when I quite smoking and all of a sudden I found I had been over seasoning my food, I just couldn't taste it before.

Good luck to you...

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I enjoy the eggs - was surprised by that. I enjoy them with a little sea salt and dehydrated ground garlic. I sometimes sprinkle a favorite hot sauce diet Zing on it, but only when I have a couple of condiments available. Nice change of pace...

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The best soups are the chicken noodle and the chili (with a little added chili powder and salt). The best oatmeal is blueberry. The maple and brown sugar is pretty good also with some added cinnamon and a splash of vanilla extract. The eggs are surprisingly good...

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I'd recommend under-cooking the eggs (if you use the microwave) by about 10 seconds, but trial and error will guide you on this. Also add a little more water than in the instructions, a tablespoon at a time. I hate them when they are hard and rubbery, but if I get the proportions and timing right they are delicious. I season with dried chopped onions and parsley, salt and pepper...

Comment #4

I actually enjoy most of the Medifast foods. The eggs are probably my least favorite, but I add 1tbsp of salsa and they aren't too bad! As someone else posted, just count the salsa as one condiment...

Comment #5

I could eat chicken noodle soup everyday..

A LOT of people do not like the oatmeal. I use it constantly to make muffins..

I am in the minority, but I really like the eggs, go figure. But I agree with everyone else, make sure you cook them in a pan. Also, I add a dash of hot sauce to mine..

Comment #6

For me, I like the Beef Vegetable Stew soup. I soak it overnight and put them in the pot, let it sit for about 15 minutes. I do like Chicken Noodle but the best is Beef Veg Stew...

Comment #7

Don't bother with the oatmeal, any of them. I personally find them all absolutely inedible. Even if you doctor them up with splenda, cinnamon or vanilla they still taste like burnt cardboard. I like the chicken noodle a lot, it pretty much tastes like the lipton cup of soups and the cream of broccoli is really good too, not crazy about the chicken and wild rice but it tastes ok and is edible. For the two chicken soups you have to let it sit for at least 20-30 minutes before you eat them so that the freeze dried chicken and veggies re-hydrate to a chewable consistency. I haven't tried any of the other soups/stews or chili so I can't comment on those. The eggs are pretty good too, I usually add a little garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper and fry it in a pan - it becomes rubbery in the microwave...

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Do a search on the muffin recipes, I know I've seen them here, but I wanted to sound in on the oatmeal. I love it. I soften it first in water, stir it up and then when it has absorbed all the water, add more and cook. Then stir again and add water if neccessary. If you go off and forget it, more water and nuke again. I think that is what I like, I can forget it and come back and eat it anyway..

I love all the flavors. I get tired or the bars and shakes in the morning, but don't like eggs for breakfast usually..

I am having a late lunch now with eggs and salsa.......

Comment #9

Today I had some free time, and decided to try the oatmeal cookies and the frozen pudding/ice cream. The cookies were a disappointment, the texture was rubbery and there was a bitter aftertaste, from the Splenda, maybe? I haven't tried the frozen pudding yet - it's my late night meal tonight.

For supper I had scrambled eggs, which normally I dislike - but I tried them on top of the stove in a skillet, with Pam, and about a tablespoon of chopped green onion. WOW, they were so much better than in the microwave! Whoever discovered this tip is a genius! Now, if I could just have some bacon.....

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