Best Medifast flavors for foods?

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So I want to try some new things: the pancakes, tea and soft serve I was wondering if anyone had any advice on flavors or if they liked these products..

I dislike most of the soups and all of the puffs and honey mustard pretzels ( I haven't tried the cinnamon).

Let me know what you think!..

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This is a small thing, but I hated the honey mustard sticks until I dipped them in a little good grainy mustard. For some reason I think they taste like peanut butter otherwise...

Comment #1

Suprisingly I like the soups I have tried (chilli, ckn noodle & ckn rice) the one thing everyone recommended to me was let them soak for at least an hour b/4 cooking and I used chicken broth instead of water and veggie broth for the chilli and added a wedge of Laughing cow cheese to the chilli and it was pretty good - just deducted that from my LG meal that night.....

I havent tried any of the puffs or pretzels they are in my next order though..

Comment #2

Ohhh also theres a recipe for chicken pot pie w/the two chicken soups that I LOVE - from anwblack just tried it today very delish! And I really like both the pancakes.

Chicken Soup Potpie.

I took one pack eack of chk noodle/chicken rice soup...added 2 cups water, 1 1/2 tea of baking powder and mixed it. I let the mixture sit for a while, to rehydrate - then poured the mix into muffin pans (about a quarter of the way filled) and popped them into the oven for about 10 - 15 mins. 350 degrees.

After they were cool, I put them in my fridge. I figured I would eat them within a two day period and split the meal that way..

I took a small can of canned white chicken, mixed it with a minute about of dressing and ate it on top of the shells.... OMG, it was so good!..

Comment #3

The cinnamon pretzels are great evening treat! As are the brownie (freeze them or make them into "crunch cookies" by bigmom). The choc chip pancake is wonderful with 1 T of SF syrup and even a little PB sometimes....

If you haven't tried it yet, the tomato soup is very good with a wedge of LC cheese too. perfect for a cold day....

I haven't tried the soft serve yet.....

Comment #4

The cinnamon pretzels are yummy. Better than the mustard. I love plain pancakes, brownies and vanilla shakes...

Comment #5

It's interesting everyone's different tastes. I looooooove the honey mustard pretzels and only just like the cinnamon. I love the puffs. I really like the chili and just add 1/2 cup diced tomatoes and some chili powder. I like the crab soup and even the beef stew. Love the PB bars and chocolate Now they need to come up with a PB and chocolate one and I even thought maybe even a cookies and cream one!!..

Comment #6

LOOOVE the chocolate chip pancakes..I eat them every day for breakfast. I didn't like the eggs at first but I love them now especially with a chopped up jalapeno added in while cooking. The brownie is awesome too. I cook mine for like 30 seconds then freeze it right away for at least 2 hrs..then longer the better..its just like fudge!!! I'm a fan of all the bars...

Comment #7

Hmmmm.....the only Medifast product that I cannot or WILLNOT EAT without hurling, and I have now tried every product as of today, is the MARYLAND CRAB SOUP.

I remember when it came out. It sucked. Tried it months later. still same.

Years later.....and it still does..

No redeeming quality about it.

Every other Medifast food is wonderful. Love them all and I rarely have to add anything to them.

Love Medifast! Something for everyone's tastebuds!..

Comment #8

Preach that about the maryland crab soup 24/7!.

It is the ONLY thing I could never develop a taste for but I like everything else i've ever had. Medifast is truly awesome like that!..

Comment #9

Good grief, IT IS AWFUL, isn't it, Trish!?!?.

The goosebumps are coming up now!.

ROTFLMAO. we should make a MCS banner (tongue-in-cheek or should I say......).


Comment #10

I really like the pancakes. I always make them into waffles because I think it is easiest and I can prepare 2 meals & save one for later. I add splenda, cinnamon & a few squirts of butter spray and it is so good!.


Peach Oatmeal.

Peanut Butter Bars.

Smores Bars.

Swiss Chocolate Shakes.

Regular Pancakes (as waffles).

Honey Mustard Pretzels.

Chicken Noodle Soup.

Sent Back:.

Eggs (they are good - just a pain).

Cinnamon Pretzels.

Okay with mods:.

Vanilla Pudding.

Vanilla Shakes.

Hot Cocoa..

Comment #11

I LOVE the cinnamon pretzelshave them for lunch often. I liked the coffee soft serve but not the peanut butter. Both plain and choc chip pancakes are great. Remember if you order something and don't like it, you can return the 6 unused portions..


Comment #12

I have not tired the pankcakes, I want to ,but scared there are going to be nasty.But hearing what some of the people are saying I might try it.I like everything except the [u]chicken noodle soup,mango soft and serve(yuck) think that is it for now...

Comment #13

I love the soft serve coffee. It came out runny when I followed the directions, made it with a little less water & popped it in the freezer for 20 minutes, much better...

Comment #14

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