Best free dating site?? name the top 3 besides Yahoo personals and

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My first question is: Best free dating site?? name the top 3 besides Yahoo personals and

My next question is: Hi, I just need to know the thinking behind this married man. .

Theres this married guy who I see every day.  He emphasises that he is married.  I had asked him out before finding out he was married.  He gives me signals that he likes me or is interested in me.  I'm not talking about just flirting or kidding around.  I mean he makes it a point to brush my hand 'accidently', etc.  I know it wasn't an accident. .

I don't know what his game is.  Is he just doing this because hes having fun?.

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Your question was: Best free dating site?? name the top 3 besides Yahoo personals and

It sounds like he's hoping you're a woman who doesn't mind having sex with a married man..

I'd keep my distance from him if I were you..


Comment #1

See the thing is I had asked him out before when I wasn't sure if he was married.  He said that HE WAS MARRIED.  So he rejected me..

I don't think hes looking to have sex with me because he already said no to my asking him out.  But sometimes I pick up vibes from him that I'm supposed to 'proposition' him or something... Is it just my imagination or is that what hes hoping I would do?  Because I won't - I've already asked him out before and he said HE'S MARRIED..

Now, the problem I'm experiencing (and I know it's wrong) is that I really, really like him and I can't seem to get rid of this feeling for him.  But I won't have an affair with him. ..

Comment #2

Hey reg, this guy is still role playing with you, huh?  The way you break out of this is to make sure he understands that you will not tolerate his flirting with you and that means brushing against your hands too.  You may need to get direct with him and just tell him that you do not want him to flirt with you.  I have had to do this in the past as well...

Comment #3

You feel what you feel.... But if you honestly want it to end, then you end it, you control your life no one else....Be up front with him when he brushes your hand that it is not appropriate since he is married or any other flirting, stop responding to it. YOU can put a stop to it, if you want...

Comment #4

If it's not a matter of him trying to figure out if you're willing to sleep with him even though he's married, then it sounds to me like maybe he just gets a little high from the attention. Maybe you make him feel attractive, or you are a source of attention he is not otherwise getting. Who knows? People have all kinds of reasons for flirting, some of which they probably aren't even aware..

The bottom line is that he IS married...

Comment #5

He's married. Don't be receptive to his flirting - tell him since he has a wife you don't feel it's appropriate.


Comment #6

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