Best food scales to use for Nutrisystem?

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I am at the point of doing a lot of "on my own" days and I'm starting to create my own meals that (hopefully) fall within the Nutrisystem guidelines.

I know I need a food scale, but I'm not sure I want a cheap one just to get by. It might be the lure of the fancy kitchen gadget, but I have seen this and am giving it serious consideration:.

Kitchrics Digital Food Scale with Nutritional Facts Display.

It's right around the $40 mark on most of the websites I'm finding, so if the alternative is to pay $25-30 on a scale that I'd only get the weight and have to do all the calculations myself, this is pretty tempting.

Anyone have one? Seen one first hand in use? Are they fancy garbage and fall apart in a month or are they like a golden ray of sunshine on your kitchen counter?..

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Your question was: Best food scales to use for Nutrisystem?.

I know that I can save money and buy a cheaper one for $20, but then I'd also have to keep a computer handy for the stats on the food I'm weighing plus I'd have to do the calculations. I think that if it were $100+ then I'd go the cheaper route but I'm soooooo close to hitting "check out now" on this one.

I'll let it go another day or two and see if anyone else chimes in.....

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The reviews on E02510 at QVC are very good. It is currently on two easy pays but it is inexpensive that one payment of the regular price would work. You would have 30 days to try it out...

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I'm looking for a scale and am going to buy this one from amazon (i didn't see it on qvc). I decided on a scale when I didn't lose any weight one week and it was attributed to my eating too many cashews a day, when I should have been eating 4 or 5 (which should equal roughly 1 oz). if i'd had a scale, I wouldn't have been overeating..

It will also help me with measuring out the proper amount of sandwich meat, which I want to use as my protein serving. I know this post is on the old side, but squeaky, if you're listening, I hope you got your scale and thanks for your post; I did a search and once again someone else had the same thought.....great minds right?! have a good one! DC..

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My food scale is 9 years old, but still working like new! It is a Weight Watchers electronic scale (made by Tanita) that is extremely accurate, durable, and has a removable bowl. I don't know where you might find one, unless you visit your local WW center. This is the closest I can find to the model I have - Tanita KD-160 Digital Kitchen Scale. Amazon has it right now for 49.95 (I paid $50 for mine in 2001) - here's the link.


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I also use a Tanita food scale. I've had it for 3 or 4 years. I use it constantly. Would definately recommend it...

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I bought a Salter Aquatroni"see" at Ma"see"y's 1-2 years ago, for between $30-40, that's not that fan"see"y, but suits my purposes; my main purpose being that DH, who is in"see"lined to sneakily in"see"rease portions on me, "see"ontrol his generosity. He thinks 1/2 "see"up is the size of his fist, as opposed to half of my fist. Not so!..

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Zenouba- I am new and appreciate peoples input. I do not understand anything you write. Could you tell me what your "code" is, or whatever. I am sure you have valuable information and I do not want to miss it- maybe you could explain??..

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The price and fanciness of the scales really don't matter, as they all perform the same function. Just get one that'll do which is not known to break easily...

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Squeeky- we are new to this and before I started Nutrisystem we looked at alot. We settled on the SALTER moel #1008USSSBKDR (maybe shortened version-.

1008BBB). We bought it within 6 mo ago at Bed Bath and Beyond. We like it because it is VERY simple and reliable. It has the zero out button so put your platebowl on, zero it out and put your portion on. There are only 3 buttons- lb/Kg; zero; power. We paid under $50 for it.

It can be stored on it's side so does not take up alot of cpboard space...

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Just a wild guess..but I'd be inclined to think something has happened to cause her letter "C" not work, and she's typing laboriously 'see' to replace it..

As for the scale....all I need is a weight. Anything more is easily found on The Daily Plate...huge data base...

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I need weight too- but do not want to put raw food on the scale- so put it in something to weigh it...

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