Best Advice before starting Medifast?

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I just called and my first order will not be here for another 4-5 days !!.

I want to start sooo bad!.

What can I do to prepare to be in the best place to start and have it be easier?.

Thanks for any insight-.

Can't wait for my food to arrive..

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Good morning and welcome! I don't claim to have the best advice, but some tips that may help you:.

1) Read, read, read! Read all the postings, the advice from Nutrition and Training Support, the QuickStart guide (found here under "success tools") read about the correct portion sizes, read as much as you can! The plan is simple.

2) Don't be afraid to ask questions! There are lots of helpful people here who are more than willing to answer your questions. If in doubt, check with Nutrition Support or Training Support.

3) If you don't have one already, buy a food scale. I tried eyeballing portions to begin with, and was way, way off when I actually started measuring..

4) If you don't already, prepare to drink LOTS of water. Medifast suggests 64 oz. of water per day. Many of us drink more than that..

5) PLAN your days and your meals. Use the "my plan" area to record what you're eating every day and what you're planning to eat the day after that..

6) If you work outside the home, figure out in advance how you're going to prepare your meals. Do you have access to a microwave, hot/cold water, ice, measuring cups at work?.

Those are the off the top of my head suggestions. I know others will jump in with additional great advice! Best of luck, and, again, welcome!..

Comment #1

Wow Sharon, Your numbers are quite impressive!! Good for you. I can't wait to begin- I have not lost weight in such a long time it feels like it won't happen..

I will follow all you tips- Thanks..

Comment #2

While I was waiting for my Medifast to arrive, I cleaned out my pantry of anything that might even tempt me. I also started eating low carb. You can used the approved veg list and start cutting back on your portion sizes right this minute. When my Medifast arrived I didn't get the headaches and the carb withdrawls that some people get because I had already cleaned out my body. Don't wait until your Medifast comes. Get started on the new you right this second. Good luck! Your going to be so happy that you are taking a stand and getting healthy...

Comment #3

Everyone here already covered the most important areas, so I second all of those. I would add to read over and make notes in the recipes and food tips area. Some of those tips made my first week much easier while getting adjusted to how to prepare the food. Also, stay positive and excited about this plan. I have never been successful on anything else, and this really does work if you stick with it..

Good luck!..

Comment #4

When you get the program, follow it as written, don't deviate from it, don't think you can make it better, follow - follow - follow as it was intended to be done and come on these boards talk about your ups and downs, if you make a mistake, don't shoot yourself. We are all in the same boat..

Success is waiting for you...

Comment #5

I just wanted to add:.

Take BEFORE'll want them later!.

Take BEFORE'll want them for those weeks the scale is being difficult!..

Comment #6

That's a great idea because I didn't take my measurements and even though I'm obviously smaller it would have been good to have had those measurements in front of me. I think I was afraid to see the numbers...

Comment #7

I am the opposite of most of these posts - I ate and drank everything I wanted for the last two days before starting - and I started the day after my food arrived..

I made sure to have white rice, Indian, Thai and of couse Mexican - because I knew those food relationships were about to go south.... I am very glad I did it that way - I haven't felt deprived since and have been on plan for 4 complete weeks - today starts week 5. 22 pounds lost..

One thing I do not like about Medifast is their ship times - they are entirely too long for something that people want and need right away. It causes a lot of anxiety - I actually scored them low on a survey I received recently because of their slow ship times - but, I always order enough for it to be free so, I guess I can't complain too much..

Good luck to you - and just for the record, I am already a water drinker so that was no big deal...

Comment #8

Be prepared for all kinds of ups, down and plateaus... but remember they, too, will pass.

Just stick it out, be patient and you'll see it WORKS!.

And when the scale doesn't budge, take those measurements...

Comment #9

Great advice here...I did like Paris...and ate everything in sight...kinda like saying my goodbyes. I, too, am glad that I did it that way. Nearly four months...thirty two pounds...and not a single cheat!..

Comment #10

Like Natalie said take your measurements! I also wish I had added the following measurements: wrist, neck, calves. I also wish I had saved one pair of pre-loss jeans for a true visual comparison. The only big pair I have is 2 sizes down from my start size. I also wish I had kept a diary or blog of my journey..

Good luck!.


Comment #11

I never took before pics or measurements and I REALLY wish I had.

I also ate everything I thought I would crave the weekend before I started and didnt cheat once in 24 weeks following but everyone is different..

It will take a bit of adjustment at first but in no time you will get into your groove and the time will fly by. This plan is awesome! Do it as written. Don't cheat and dont make excuses. Just do it. Set your mind to making it happen and you will be amazed at how liberating the entire process is...

Comment #12

Great advice from all... as I am now waiting for my first shipment to arrive... I enjoyed reading all of the advice given. I look forward to starting!..

Comment #13

I am so thrilled to see these tips, as I am also awaiting my shipment. Does anyone know how long it takes? I am prepared for it to take at least a week. This week, I am clearing out the carbs from my house AND diet. So far, so good!.

I have my own journal started, and set up an excel spreadsheet tracking weight by the week, measurements, and comments I may have about how I feel that week. I need to take photos but am not willing to share them just right now! I want to be prepared for success this time, as this is the last attempt because I know it's going to be successful. I had WLS scheduled but decided not to do it (I was a self-pay) until I know nothing else will work...

Comment #14

I am a recommitter! First time in March 2007. Came back September 23, 2007..

After reading my personal blogs, I have found my downfall. The trend repeated itself and I didn't see it coming..

This is what happened (1st committment and 2nd committment):.

The Medifast diet is working, I feel great, I am losing lbs., and I am losing inches. Then (and it's not that I get cocky) I get to the point that I am not hungry and I FORGET to eat my Medifast meals at the allotted times. In doing so, my calorie intake for the day becomes critically low. So my body, thinking that it is about to be starved, drops the metabolism rate. From's all downhill. A couple of days of that and my body begins retaining all of the water that I am drinking, because it figures that starvation will lead to lack of, like a camel, my body begins storing fluid.

At this point my body is too sluggish and fatigued to do ANYTHING. I order pizza. I did, however, have the forethought to plug in the numbers before I ate and kept the caloric intake under 1200 (Which is no easy task, when it comes to pizza. And to think - I used to eat a whole medium pizza by myself!)..

I cannot emphasize the importance of eating the Medifast 5&1 every 2-3 hours strongly enough. For any newbie's, please....please....please understand that there is a reason to be methodical in your timing of meals. If you have to set a timer or tie a 6 strings around your finger and remove each one after eating or whatever else you can do to remain scheduled - DO IT!.

If you want to remain successful and not slow your progress - you will have to follow the guidelines - it is critical to your success (or detrimental to your failure)..

Humbly committed to be 100% this week..


Comment #15

AI was like the MFer that ate like crazy two days before the food arrived. I will finish my first week tomorrow. I have not suffered and am actually really excited about the program. So much better than a gastric bypass. I have not decided on exactly how much I want to lose. Probobly about 100-120 lbs...

Comment #16


I am new to MediFast but I have lost weight back in 2006 on my own plan. I had taken chest, waist, hip, and thigh measurements but I wished I had taken my neck (my pearl necklace went from kin-da tight to being loose), bicep and calf measurements then. I will this time. As for pictures, I have one from that time but I took one the other night using the self-timer on my camera. It is only a face shot but I think I will also take a full-length shot.

As for now, I am waiting on my food to arrive. I have Beck's book and accompanying workbook so after I read the info that comes with the Medifast kit, I plan on working on using that book to help me on the way to 146 lbs...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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