Benefits of PB2 during Medifast?

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Can someone please take the time out to explain why this is better for me on this diet versus the lowfat Jiff I have in my pantry and how you use it with mf? THANK YOU!!!..

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Lowfat Jif has 190 calories and 12 g fat for 2 TBSP..

PB2 has 45 calories and 1.5 g fat for 2 TBSP...

Comment #1

LOL I thought that was pretty straightforward and might sway you!!..

Comment #2

This is just my thought process here. I'm truly curious and have been for years. One of the biggest advantages to all nuts is the healthy oils/fats that are in them. If you dehydrate it to reduce/remove the fat, do you lose the good nutrition in the nuts? If you DO lose nutrition and the benefits that come from these healthy oils and fats, wouldn't it be better to have the real thing vs. the dehydrated version? I know, I know, you can have more of the PB2. hehe..

Like I said, I've always been curious about it. Guess I need to do some research...

Comment #3

It would be interesting to know about the nutrition I know some is retained (there is still some fat) and it's always been a good source of protein, especially for vegetarians, so maybe that offsets the loss. I just use it as an occasional flavoring for vanilla shakes (1T/1 shake) when I need a little variety, I don't use it as peanut butter....


Comment #4

I completely hear and understand what you are saying.... but I am looking for some additional flavor options.... everything in this diet except my l&g is dehydrated and processed.... Thinking the PB2 might do my craving something good... =)..

Comment #5

MMMMMMM PB2. I mix some up and put it on my brownie, or mix it in the chocolate chip pancakes, or dip the chocolate chip panckes in it, or try to choke down the oatmeal with it (not my favorite,lol) or put it in shakes, or put in much you can do with it really! I love it..

Comment #6

The real thing is an addiction to me. PB2 curbs that addiction so I don't open the jar and spoon it into my mouth. *lol* It's a better substitute if you can't control yourself! I have been feeding my dog PB with her medicine and trust me, it's taking all I can (especially today) to not just dig into the jar. You can get your healthy fats from eating almonds. I think that would be better than eating PB...

Comment #7

OK. PB2 aside. One thing I've learned during my time on Medifast was that if I was having a craving, it was probably best NOT to feed that craving, regardless of whether or not there was something that could maybe be bent to fit the plan. Believe me, there were several things I would crave while on 5&1. However, I strengthened my resolve and moved on. Guess what? When I hit transition and maintenance and could have some of the things I used to crave, I no longer found that I really wanted these things any more, many didn't even taste very good.

Not telling ANYONE not to have their PB2! lol. Just more random thoughts from an old vet...

Comment #8

Great advice De. I find I crave PB. Having Pb2 didnt help....I just felt like I could have many more spoonfuls of it than reg PB. Then ultimately I wound up going for the regular old stuff after having too much Pb2. FOr me it has to be total avoidance of those cravings while OP...

Comment #9

The low fat peanut butter often has added sugar to make up for the lower fat. Read the labels. I was shocked to see one with 15 carbs per 2 T serving. I think you'd be better to go with the full fat, no sugar added stuff if you don't want to use PB2. I use the PB2 because it doesn't trigger me like real peanut butter...

Comment #10

Before I went on Medifast I alwasy ate NATURAL PB , which when I buy it I first stir it as it has natural il and I mixx it good, then place and keep it in the fridge .. It is so healthy and very good , I actually dont use it right now as I dont sway too much from Medifast , but Im sure if you looked at the label you will come too see it's a healthy chose..

Comment #11

I bought PB2 and PB2 Chocolate from netrition for my daughter so she could cut calories and still have her PB. Then she decides to start MF. So the PB2 sits and waits. The regular PB is gone and that's a good thing. Skippy comes in single serving jars, in my mind. So even in maintenance, it won't be coming into my house.

I don't want just one spoonful, I want the entire jar..

And we won't even discuss Nutella (aka - heaven in a jar)...

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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