Medifast recipe for Beef Stew and Chilli?

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Hi Guys. Years ago I did shakes only and was loathe to try any other Medifast foods for fear of screwing up..

But my first package came with the free week and I like the brocolli soup so I'm going to spread my wings on my next order and add a few new foods..

Here are some questions:.

1. Can you have more than one Medifast food a day (4 shakes, one Medifast food and the L/G?)..

2. How is the beef stew? I'm guessing it is either great or absolutely horrible. Opinoins please!.

3. Same for the eggs.

4. My sister says the chilli is very good. Is she right?.

I'm more of a salt than sweet person so although I don't mind the puddings or Chai I'm not crazy about them. I'd love to add some variety as long as it doesn't slow down the WL.


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1. You can have any combination of any of the foods every day (except bars are limited to 1 per day). I've had days where I ate 1 beef stew and 4 hot cocoas (no shame here!).

2. The beef stew is really good. It's hearty and thick and there are nice-size chunks of beef in it. I have to add a nice shot or two of hot sauce to it, but I really like it..

3. The eggs rock. Plain and simple. They are fluffy and delicious and have not come out wrong once. They make for a great omelette..

4. I don't care for the chili, but there are definitely people who do. Most of the folks that I've seen have to doctor it up a bit, though, adding spices like cumin or adding Better than Bouillon, even salsa..

Hope this helps!..

Comment #1

Oh, by all means, branch out and try other Medifast choices. I'll give you a tip on the non-cream soups, though, that I picked up from someone on the boards: make the soups the night before with a bit more water than is called for and let them sit in the fridge overnight to have the next day for lunch or whenever. This allows the ingredients of the soup to fully soften so nothing is crunchy (unless you like crunchy soup!). I also "doctor" everything with garlic spices and a few drops of my favorite hot sauce. I also eat the Medifast crackers (love the Garden Vegetable ones the best) on soup days (NO bars if you have a snack {wink} - I dump them into the soup to soften after I've microwaved. I just tried the scrambled eggs today and after my "doctoring", I was quite pleased with the result.

I love the stew the best, so far - jazzed up, of course. There are days I have all shakes plus the L&G and days where every meal is something different. You'll get to know what you like and don't like at certain times of the day. Hope this helped - good luck to you !!..

Comment #2

I hate the beef vegetable stew. I've tried doctoring it and nothing helps it enough. I'm trying to eat my way through my initial order of it just so I don't waste the money. But, it's been almost four months and I haven't finished 14 servings..

I like the chili if I doctor it up. I add some kind of bouillion and LOTS of chili pepper and then whatever else comes to mind..


Comment #3

Thanks guys! It is great to know I can have more than one a day!.

I'm avoiding the bars except for when I'm going to be out all day and know I'd starve otherwise.

I think I'll try all three: eggs, chilli and stew...

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Do you cook your eggs in the frying pan or in the microwave?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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