Beck Diet book - your reviews?

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A couple different gals have mentioned the Beck Diet book.. I just ordered it from Amazon.. Does anyone know if it is good and helps or not?.



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I just started it- but it seems good so far!..

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Maybe this is a dumb question, Jenn, but who's Nick? ;-).

I'd love to hear thoughts about the Beck book, haven't read it but have heard it mentioned multiple times...

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Hi to all......I have the beck book it is very inspirational as far as helping you understand why you is not specific to any diet just can use it as a helping tool to keep you OP on difficult days.....After seeing the remarks about it...I decided to pull mine out....I had not finished it...but it has several good thoughts...get your yellow marker out to highlight the important things..


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I cant wait for mine to get here! I am looking forward to reading it and hoping it will help to resolve some of my eating issues!.


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You can see from my signature below, I found value in the book.

It is written from the point of view that you are searching for a diet plan and need to decide which plan and backup plan best suits you. You then follow the steps to prepare/teach you what you will need for the journey. We are already into our loss journey and all know what best suits us!.

Dr. Beck's opening dialog and the closing points gave me the most motivation and food for thought. We already chart and log and I found no need to duplicate it again.

There are several threads that have sprung up discussing the book chapter by chapter. But, they always seem to fizzle out before finishing the book. You might read some of those and save the price of the book..


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Echoing what others have said, this book was recommended by a friend and I found Dr. Beck's very practical and poignant advice to be of great value - even in T&M (wish I would have read it either prior to starting MF, or while on the 5/1)..

I think you will find it to be beneficial to you also - best of luck!..

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Well I got the book, read the book and lost 2lbs! I haven't lost any weight in weeks.. That book really makes you see things clearer.. I too wish I would have read it at the beginning of this plan, I would have lost all the weight and been done by now.. I HIGHLY recommend this book to those who are struggling getting through this weight loss stage.. It really is amazing and I am so glad I ordered it.. I even loaned it to a friend who is thinking about starting MF..



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Ronnie, I think the book has been an important part of my success so far. Not only that, I think that the skills learned will be critical to a successful maintenance program. You really need to have the book and to do each exercise, no matter how inconsequential they may seem. (I, in fact, did the program twice to really overlearn the skills.) I ran my response cards on cardstock using my printer and still refer to them. Today (and usually on Thinking Thin Thursdays) on Green Team Chat (part of the Ready, Set, Go Challenge Thread) I posted a Beck strategy. Changing behaviors and mindsets is never easy, but Beck will take you a long way in that direction...

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I got the workbook,but today went in search of her other book.. I may have to order it since B&N doesn't seem to have it in stock.. It is a great book.. I loaned it out to someone and am kind of feeling lost without it now, but I know the principles so I should do ok...


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