Beautiful girl I met on , has become very annoying. Calls me 30 times a day. NEED HELP!!?

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My first question is: Beautiful girl I met on , has become very annoying. Calls me 30 times a day. NEED HELP!!?.

My next question is: Hi. Thank you for any help you can offer me. I am basically a nice smart girl. I met a guy on an online site and we started to date. Things happened quickly and we started sleeping together this past week. I am really crazy about him and would stop dating (online dating with others now if we were to decide to be exclusive.

He is still online and has gone on a date using with a young single mom in his neighborhood. I am devastated. I have always been in a relationships that became exclusive after reaching the sex part. Our discussions have been that we wouldn't have sex with anyone else and sleep with each other. I even know how crazy that sounds.

Please help. He has three young children that he will have custody of, and is 5 years younger then me. 42- I am 47...

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Your question was: Beautiful girl I met on , has become very annoying. Calls me 30 times a day. NEED HELP!!?.

I have to agree w you that -if he is that into you then he would not date using other women...u deserve better than that.  there are plent of men out there, don't sit and wait to see if he settles for you or find someone that he think is better.  best option is to stop sleeping with him until he figure out what or who he wants.  if you let it go on he will continue to behave in this manner and in the end he will turn it around and it say that it was agreed in the beginning for him to date using other women while sleeping w u-it's not ok because it's obviously bothering u...

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"Our discussions have been that we wouldn't have sex with anyone else and sleep with each other. ".

If he is sleeping with other women then he broke his agreement with you - then he is not someone you would want to date.  There is exclusivity and monogamy and both are different.  Exclusivity means that you and he only date using each other (sex does not have to be involved to go on a date using as you know) and monogamy means you only have sex with each other.  It is a slimy loophole men use to get over on women.  If you want to give him another chance then make sure he is monogamous and exclusive with you...

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Yes, I would agree that if he were really "into" you, he wouldn't be dating (online dating with other women while having sex with you.  He's looking to see if he can find someone who might be a better fit for him..

I would move on from him but next time, don't jump into bed so quickly and be sure to discuss being both monogamous AND exclusive, as previously noted.  Wait until you're both ready to not date using other people before you have sex.  But don't beat yourself upjust learn from the experience.  I've agreed to this type of arrangement in the past (before I knew better) and it just does NOT feel good..


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It sounds like you need to back up - tell him that while you really enjoy sex with him it's uncomfortable for you to do it unless it's within the context of a monogamous relationship.  Say you're not trying to force him into a commitment but as long as the two of you are still "allowed" to be out there you'd prefer seeing each other but not having sex.


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Hi Mom_mb1960,.

Welcome to the board!.

Boy our dating (online dating with Doyenne nailed this one on the head!!  This is a very respectable thing to do and very mature.  I think it totally leaves everyones options open.  If he doesn't respond well, maybe he isn't the right one after all.  If he wants to keep dating, you should too!!.

Good Luck and sorry for jumping in so late!.




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