Battling Depression while on Nutrisystem?

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Apparently I'm depressed in addition to my rapidly growing anxiety issues. And so I'm trying to lighten my load just a little bit so I have decided to give my two dogs away to good homes and today the new families are coming to pick the dogs up.... which I know is the right thing to do for myself and for the dogs in the long run. However, I feel guilty as heck. I love my dogs and it seriously upsets me to know that I have to do this. After like 6 months I still have no support or help from my family and my husband doesn't come home until September...

It just sucks to know that I've changed into this completely different stressed out all the time person just because my husband is gone. I should be able to handle everything. It makes me feel like less of a person just because I cant. On the other hand, it really does help that I know lightening my work load really is the right thing to do...

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Your question was: Battling Depression while on Nutrisystem?.

Ditto on everything Kim said. You made a difficult, but positive decisioin in terms of the dogs. It will ease your anxiety some and be better for them as well. Do check out your meds with your doctor...have you been on the zoloft long (you mentioned switching to it)? Maybe the levels aren't right yet. Do not feel guilty about being ill, feel proud of yourself for taking care of it and working on making it better. If your family isn't supportive, hang out on the boards here It's been a boon of great advice and friendship for me since I began NS!.

Good luck to you,..

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Try to focus on the positive steps that you're taking: losing weight, simplifying your life, and getting the medical help that you need (I can say from personal experience that a slight change in brain chemistry can make life so much better).

Are you getting some exercise? Going for a walk on a sunny day can do some great things for mood. Do you take a multivitamin? Sometimes being a little short on a vitamin or two can make a big difference in energy and mood (I take Women's One-A-Day plus a B complex I LOVE B12). Fish oil can also help with depression (most of the omega-3 fatty acids in the body are found in the brain). Make sure that the vitamins are okay with your doctor, but mine has no problems with them..

Are you critical or impatient with yourself? Maybe try practicing a loving-kindness meditation. When I do this, I visualize myself as a young child, and send her feelings of support, acceptance, and unconditional love..

Take care...

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Hi, I am also clinically depressed and starting to have slight anxiety issues. (ha ha, like ANY extra anxiety can be called 'slight').

I am aslo suffering PTSS from some major childhood problems. I have probably been clinically depressed since I was 15 or so, but officially diagnosed back in the 70's. Don't let this get you down, not everyone STAYS depressed. I just happen to be one of the few..

It took several tries to get the correct medicine and dosage before I started feeling relief. Also, some (most?) medications of this type take a little while to build up to the right level to work well..

I am not on this website often, but if you wish, I will give you my private email address and we can talk and compare notes..

I am sorry you had to let your doggies go, it must have felt like giving away a child. I am glad that you still have your daughters and kitties. My kitty has actually started acting more like a dog and spends hours sleeping on my lap and occasionally alowing me to snuggle him like a doggie would..

Talk therapy may be good for you unless you have a problem like mine and hate to leave the house. I am not exactly AFRAID to go out, I just don't want to. It does feel good to unload on someone whose feelings you don't have to worry about. My husband loves me but cannot understand how I can be sad when nothing is apparently bad. I wish I understood it myself!.

Anyway, this message is long enough already. Ignore it if you want, I hate when people try to help when I don't want it. Let me know if you would like to correspond..

Do the best you can and try not to beat yourself up too much about not hitting what you aimed for. Experience tells me it only makes things worse. I just wait until I feel strong enough and try again..

Goddess or God or Whatever bless you. Good luck...

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( spot reservation ) I have to run and pick something up, but I will come back and try to help as much as I can...

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Hey Butterfly, I can totally understand where you are coming from. You have done the best thing you can for your little furries. Now it is time to focus on you. Regardless of the support you may or may not have, you must understand that YOU need to take care of YOU. Yes I know there's kids, work, housework, laundry, etc. that need attended to, but so do you.

I have been suffering from clinical depression and Post Traumatic Stress for years. While I am currently on medication I have learned that I can only be the one responsible for my well being and happiness. My good thoughts are with you Butterfly. I hope you come back to post often. Send me a PM if you need to vent. Big hugs, Kimberly..

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Lightening your load is absolutely the right thing to do. The dogs will adjust beautifully. Zoloft is a great drug but if it does not help there are many other wonderful antidepressants. Sometimes it takes awhile to find the right one. Also talk to your doctor about Klonapin for anxiety. Be kind to yourself and if you feel overwhelmed take a break! Really force it and take care of yourself. Please post again and let us know how you are doing!..

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Oh man so much has gone on since I posted this but heres a quick update and answer to everyones questions and support. The people who were going to take the lab actually decided to get a puppy instead. I couldnt even imagine going through trying to find her another home so I actually decided to keep her. Then I couldnt give away the shepherd because I couldnt go through with finding the lab another home so I kept her too. HOWEVER, that being said... it's like they've turned a new leaf completely.

I have also made a short term plan to get the rest of my backyard cleared out, fenced, and the rest sodded in order to be able to let them just hang outside without me having to worry about them. Ive been doing better... it's just I have so much to do all the time. My oldest is going into prek and I lost my military id card (yes my husbands in the military and has been gone since september... at which point I actually moved with my girls and all of my animals, bought a new house, moved in, etc all by myself) so I've had a lot to keep me busy.

I never get to take a break because I always have to do so much and I know that if I dont do it now then I wont be able to do it later because theres always something else to do. I just bought a treadmill so I do exercise a lot more... before that I would run everywhere though. I'm actually having some pretty decent days now where I'm not out of my mind. Thanks for everyones kind words.

Just send me a message!..

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I'm glad that life is starting to look a little better and more manageable now. Thanks for the update...

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I'm glad things are looking better..

If in a few days you feel down again, remember, antidepressants like Zoloft can take 6 weeks to really start to work. So don't give up on it yet, keep pushing through, it will get better...

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