Do Medifast bars during the day cause weight gain?

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My weight has been doing some crazy things the past week. I go up half a pound one day and then down 1lb the next. It has been occurring for over a week now. I used to eat my bars for breakfast in the morning and my weight would pretty steadily go down except when I had too much sodium.

Last week, I started eating my bars in the evening and my weight started going up and then doooown and then up and then doooown. This week, I finally decided that it was time to start exercising and it was about that time that I ran out of bars. When I was exercising and not eating bars, my weight went down 1lb each day - steadily.

Yesterday, I didn't exercise and ate a bar in the evening before I went to bed. My weight went up a half a pound this morning. My question is do you notice a difference as far as when you eat your bar during the day?.


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I think you might be getting some water retention because of the bar at night. Overall it should even out, I would think...

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There have been people who have sworn completely off the bars because of this very issue. The bars have a lot more carbs than the other Medifast meals, and some people are really sensitive to that. It's the same reason some people will go on the all-shake plan for their 5 Medifast meals - it cuts the carbs and sometimes will kickstart weight loss..

I cut out the bars for a month but saw no difference, so everyone is different...

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You must be a daily weigher. I eat a bar just about every night and I still drop pounds, but I'm not weighing everyday. I never see the scale go up and down, just down. I do watch my calories and carbs so I can have my bar treat at night..

Daily weighing just made me upset and lose faith in Medifast when I first started. I have since broking my addiction to the scale and only weigh in on Wednesday.

Hope this helps...

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Daily weighing is strongly discouraged for this reason. Our systems fluctuate and weighing daily just messes with our minds. The scales are not the tool to judge how you are doing on plan. How you are doing on plan is the important thing. Are you eating all you are suppose to eat? Are you eating it in 6 meals? Are you drinking all your water? Are your calories not to low and not too high? Are you in the correct overall carb zone? If the answers to these questions are yes you are doing great regardless of what kind of mind game the scales are playing with you. The scales can fluctuate as much as 5 pounds from morning to night.

Weigh no more than once a week at the same time of day after potty same state of dress or undress and you will see weight loss every week. If you are netting .5 pound in a two day period that adds up to 3.5 pounds per week nothing wrong with that! Your ticker shows you have already lost over 18 pounds since you started in February. Those are great results. Blessings, Sterling..

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I really had not considered the part about dail.y weighing.. I was just thinking about others who have decided to forego bars in the past because they seemed to slow losses..

The other posters are right - you can't get any sort of meaningful relationship between what you eat and your losses by weighing every day. A trend over a few weeks might be more useful - if you stop bars for a week or two and lose more, then slow down again when you add them back in, for example...

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Hi. I see fluctuations each and every day. Just know that you are following the program and weight loss will happen. In the past, I have lost a lot one week (4 lbs once) and then no loss for a few weeks. Make sure you stay on plan. I try to eat bars earlier in the day so I have a chance to use the extra carbs.

I think it's 18 carbs versus 13 in the shakes? Eat them when it works into your plan and try weighing in every other day. Happy Medifasting!! Kristan..

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Can't live without my BARS!!!.

Gotta have 'em in my diet, and it works for me..

The key for me is being able to stick to the diet AND get good results. I find it hard to be super, super restrictive as although I have great results, I have trouble staying with it (making it counter-productive). BUT, if I am super relaxed and don't count the carbs with the online counter, I don't get the results I want and have trouble sticking with the diet (making it counter-productive)..

SO, find the balance that is right for you. And keep your eye on the overall picture, not the daily weight fluctuations..


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I've consumed ONE bar every day since I started and also stuck to the 5&1 )whilst I was still in the losing phase) 100% and obviously I've reachede goal and am maintaining (still eating a bar most days). It's true they are a bit higher in carbs and that is why Medifast limits them to only one per day, but I found that I still lost consistently. I've mentioned it before and will mention it again here for what it might be worth to you. I added a cup or two of home brewed black tea towards the end of my losing phase and the weight literally melted off at a faster pace for me. I was expecting a slow down towards the end and I actually witnessed a bit of a speed up in fat loss! One thing I also did while losing, I let my carb totals fluctuate (within the prescribed parameters) as well as had my total calories fluctuate (also within the recommended parameters) and this procedure for me was a winning formula. Shrimp is much higher in sodium that other fish/seafood selections!.

Weighing daily is something that is more for curiosity and not recommended if it's going to upset you. One food item I found that greatly effected my water retention was shrimp, so I would only eat it during the first day or two of my official week. If I ate it towards the end of that week, my weight loss was not as good on official weigh in day!..

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