Can I just take the bars and shakes on Medifast?

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Hi everyone..

Looking for some feedback from the veterans. I am only a week in. 9 lbs gone.

The thing is. I tried the oatmeal and soups and cannot stomach either. The oatmeal is a definite, can't do it. I never have liked oatmeal, I tried it as cookies, muffins, etc. They all make me feel terrible..

Do y'all think I can succeed if I am just doing shakes, bars, puffs & pretzels?.

Thanks for the input!..

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All I pretty much do are bars and puffs, and I've done fine..

Congrats on your great first week loss!..

Comment #1

I do just bars and cappucino and hot cocoa; works fine for me. Week 1 WTG...keep up the good work!..

Comment #2

Same goes for me too, I can't stand the oatmeal and some of the drinks, I do crunch bars, shakes, capps, and brownies, and I'm still losing weight...

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I've been on the program for 4 months now, not a veteran but here's my experience...I'm with you. I don't do oatmeal, couldn't stand the shakes, so I eat mainly bars. I also have, brownies, pretzels and puffs here and there and I've recently made the COB soup into quiche and I'm loving it..

The way I feel, if the bars truly do slow weight loss, so be it. I won't stick with a program if the food tastes like medicine. What I am willing to do is mix it up a bit...

Comment #4

Is that true do the bars slow weight loss?? I thought all meals were equal it doesn't matter what you eat, bars ,shakes, etc.?..

Comment #5

Of course it's possible to lose weight eating whichever of the foods you choose, but I think I would have quit very early on if I had not had a large variety of meals. I am not the type of person who can eat the same thing for every meal, so I would have gotten bored very quickly. If you are the type who does not mind eating the same thing over and over again without getting bored, then go for it. All the meals are interchangeable, but just be aware that the ingredients in the bars give some people gastrointestinal distress when eaten in large quantities. Never happened to me, but then, I never ate more than 1 or 2 a day...

Comment #6

As long as you're not eating the green wrapper maintenance bars, or any of the snacks, all the meals are interchangeable. So shouldn't matter...

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I've lost over 60 lbs in 5 months doing about 99% bars, puffs and pretzels. All the Medifast means, except for the green wrapper maintenance bars, are 100% interchangeable...

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