Bad breath from Medifast?

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Hi all!.

I'm very new to this program and I have a major concern. I found out about medifast through a coworker who was on the program and doing fantastic. The only problem was that her breath was so bad, it was truly unbareable. It wasn't like that before she started the program. Is this a common problem when using medifast? What do you do about it?..

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No, it's only your friend. JUST KIDDING! For some people not all, their breath does change. Kind of metallic. It will go away, in the meanwhile it's all about breath mints. I believe there may be info on this in one of the Medifast books. But, I'm sure others will have some very good suggestions.

Welcome to Medifast and keep us posted on your progress. Don't forget to post some pics...

Comment #1

I love the Metro Mint water spearmint is my favorite. I freeze a bottle, then sip it all day at work..

When I was in Kentucky, I discovered that Archer Farms also makes mint water that is quite good. They also have some other unsweetened flavored waters that are pretty good..

Just remember, it is NOT sweet at all or the first swallow will be quite a surprise...

Comment #2

I find I have a funny taste in my mouth. No one's been brave enough to say anything about my breat! Drinking lots of water helps. We're also allowed 5 pcs of sugarless gum. So I chew away and swish water around...

Comment #3

I also have a funny taste in my mouth but no one has mentioned my breath and I would assume if it was bad my husband or son would say something. I don't know why it happens. Interesting, should ask the nutritious...

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Unfortunately, a metalic/sweet taste in your mouth can be a side effect of ketosis. And for some people, their breath can be quite strong - when I did Atkins years ago, my husband complained. On MF, I just tried to be aware of the possibility and be proactive.

Chew the SF gum or SF breath mints, listerine breath strips work pretty well. Brush your teeth (and tongue) more often. Drink lots of water. I also drank mint tea.

I felt the possibility of bad breath was a small price to pay to lose weight quickly though. And if you have a good friend, just ask them occasionally if your breath is awful. Good luck!.


Comment #5

I had terrible breath when I did Atkins years ago... but it hasn't happened with MF..

At the beginning I took Body Mints tablets just to make sure, but later I found I didn't need them.

But they do the trick, even with Atkins-induced levels of ketosis! You can google them...

Comment #6

I asked my kids pretty soon after I brushed and flossed..

They said it was "super-bad" and compared it to a minty cat box..

I'm going to chew more gum (chewing some right now)..

I'll take the cat box breath since I'm losing so much weight.

I would not let it stop you from doing this diet, and I would tell my friend...

Comment #7

I found a product that I like to counteract the effects of ketosis on one's breath, I use the paste as well as the rinse and buy mine at Target. It is called Therabreath ... I hope it is okay to post the link on this board?? If not, moderators please delete my post..


Comment #8

But I thought you don't go into ketosis like on the atkins..

Comment #9

Medifast, if following the plan as outlined, results in a 'very mild' level of ketosis. Atkins is to a much greater degree, if my memory serves me correctly. I hope that helps.....

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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