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Hey I did medifast for about 3 months this last spring and I went from 200 pounds to 166. I quit due to money and I was working out so much that I was exhausted and could barely function on the diet. So I quit and I've gained back weight. Up to 184 now. Yay... I really was starting to feel good about myself with my slimming body and now I feel aweful and bloated again.

It's gonna be super hard cause I have a new bf and we go out to eat alot. I'm sure he'd be really supportive as he struggled with his weight at one time. I just am not looking forward to having to muster up all that self dicipline, but I want that feeling again so I'm gonna start in the morning. Wish me luck....I lost 12 pounds the first week I was on the diet last time....I wonder if i'll have as good of me luck......

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Welcome back! I wish you the best of luck! Try to plan in advance what you are going to eat and pick restaurants that will have foods that you can make healthy choices from.

You can do it!.


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Welcome Back! I have recently re-committed as well. You have not gained all your weight back - congratulations. You can do this! Janell..

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I just came back myself. Had to pull some funds together too!!..

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Rae86 and Luluco, Welcome back. This time you will do it. Good luck. Linda..

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Rae - First of all, welcome back. Second - Medifast has put limits on exercise while on the 5&1 for a reason. It is such a low calorie program that, as you found out the first time, if you over-do it, you can do more harm than good. Follow the plan, including the limits on exercise, and you should do great...

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Me too, back on the plan. When will we learn? Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results? OK, I can't eat bags of Halloween candy and not gain weight? sheesh, what a shock. But, I feel good when I do medifast. More energy, clothes fit better and just good. So we will all stick with it...

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I think most people go through that. I have done many plans and have gained and lost the same weight over and over. Now with Medifast I do think, I know it will be different because I know I must be the one to change.

Welcome back and just love yourself for who you are right now and do not look behind ya but forward and you see be successful once again...

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I have tried them all and succeeded each time...Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Medifast...only to gain the weight back. We have to make lifestyle changes or we will always have the same fate. Of all the diets, Medifast is the toughest of them all. You are deprived real food and I, for one, crave chewing more than once a day. The only reason I am doing Medifast is because of it's fast results.

If you cannot make the necessary lifestyle changes to be successful keeping your weight down the rest of your life on Medifast, try Weight Watchers. I think it is the best of all diets because you eat real food, not frozen like Jenny Craig, and not powders like MF, and it is as effective as any diet. The bottom line is you will be watching your weight the rest of your life and if you don't make the necessary lifestyle changes, you will never be successful long term no matter how much support you get from others..

Good luck!..

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