Back country camping and staying on Nutrisystem?

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We'll be heading back country in two weeks and I'm concerned about staying on track with my meals. We need to pack fairly light (weight AND space-wise) so I won't be able to take 7 days worth of meals and fruits/veggies/dairy. Boiling water at high elevation is a pain also (we'll be at 11000 to 13000 feet)..

Of course I didn't plan ahead when I placed my last order to get enough packaged ready-to-go breakfasts and lunches.

I need some advice on how to kinda stay on track with my meal plan given the circumstances. I know I won't be able to maintain the plan entirely which is OK, but I'd like to stay somewhat on course. Particularly valuable would be things that don't need to be refrigerated or cooked..

Appreciate any feedback you guys have to offer! Thanks!..

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Your question was: Back country camping and staying on Nutrisystem?.

Thanks Tazz! We usually take dried fruit, granola and nuts. And jerky. And I just found our local organic store has freeze dried fruits! The grapes are to die for! Nom nom nom!.

I know Kashi does some different types of bars so I guess I should check them out...

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Freeze-dried eggsfor breakfast protein and they rehydrate well at high altitudes, we take these when we go on backpack trips.

Dried pasta, but the thin spagetti works best with the low boiling temps above 8,000 or so feet.

If you can, throw in some veggies even for just the first day or two, so you aren't hauling them for a week in your pack.

You could bring powdered milk, but personally I can't stand the stuff.

I'm adding this part because I just read your original post again. One thing we like that works for protein is tofu jerkyI like that it is not dry as a bonewon't spoil until you open it. Dried tomatoes to throw in your pot at night or just munch on. Watch the fat content on the jerky when you buy it. It isn't as high in sodium as beef jerky, either. It has to be cooked, but ww couscous is great in high altitudes.

Remember how cool it will be that high up, food like that works well with my family. If you want rice, eat the freeze-dried kind, like the instant stuff..

Not sure what you are bringing, but I was at REI yesterday looking at the nutrition information on the back of a lot of their freeze-dried entrees and they aren't that bad. Mostly they tend to be high in fat. So grab the ones that are lower in fat and you may not always be right on, but should be close...

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Excellent! Thanks for the tips! I was wondering if the REI type MREs would be worth looking at. Tofu jerky....... I will take a look at it even tho it sounds a little freaky!.

I don't like dried milk either.... <bleh> I will probably suck up and bring the 8 oz Horizon Organic Reduced Fat Milk boxes. They don't need to be refrigerated and don't take up much room...

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I have to run, but the stuff is what I would doonly been camping once since starting Nutrisystem and haven't backpacked since last summer. But we BP a lot and this is what I would choose for this program. I grew up in the Rockies so I am totally jealous of you..

Hope you have a great time!!..

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Thanks! Don't mean to rub it in but we live in SW CO and are heading up to Ouray. I'll send some high country vibes your way from the top of Imogene Pass!..

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Just checked some of the MREs at REI. Massive amounts of sodium. Some of the meals have over 2000 mg per serving!..

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I enjoy dehydrating my food for backpacking trips. If you have a dehydrator cook up your favorite meals and dehydrate them. Then just add boiling water. You are in control. Have a great trip. Love that area you are going to.

Sawtooths, White Clouds, Big Horn Crags etc...

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I live in the Telluride area - well, DownValley - I don't have a trust fund<G>.

Are you going up Sneffels, also? Imogene is a killer. Why not take a jeep?<G>.

Take lots of water, or a purifier, you will need lots of hydration..


And the black mini poodles..

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Were these the dehydrated meals? I noticed high sodium, but not that extreme. wow. Have lots of fun! I lived in Durango one year in my late teens, was a ski-bum one winter at Kings Dominion and Purgatory. Those were the days...

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I am taking my jeep! But with two big dogs and camping gear for two we have limited space...

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Not all of them were that high, but the lowest I saw was still 785 mg. I think I have a game plan now tho.....

I do have enough packaged breakfasts so I can have the AM meal covered. Morning and afternoon snacks will be cheese sticks and fruit. Lunch will be tortilla wraps with lunch meat, cream cheese, bean sprouts/carrots/snap peas. We'll be able to swing into town to get fresh veggies and fruit. Dinner will just be whatever we want to whip together or eat out (mmmmmmm Outlaw BBQ!!)..

It's vacation. I've decided I'm not going to stress about it. I'll just get back with the program when we get home. The extra exercise I'll be getting should offset diet variations.

Thanks for all the feedback!..

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You've got the right idea! Just got back from a two week "whirlwind" tour out west (Atlanta, GA to Cimarron Canyon, NM to Colorado Springs to Black Hills/Wall/Badlands SD to Kentucky & back to GA) with a combo of camping, hiking, hotel stays. We made some food & ate out a bit (generally not going overboard) - and I lost 5 pounds - the first real loss I've shown in a while..

Keep it simple, don't go overboard and HAVE FUN!..

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