Avoiding Junk Food during the Medifast Diet

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So my biggest issue has been staying away from the snacks and goodies at work - there is always something around, either a client gift of food in the kitchen - almost always uber caloric - or just the stash of candy sitting out on various desks - I am a few days into week 4 and am really proud to say I stood up to my toughest test yet.... unbelievable cake from a fabulous bakery that is soo goood it's the one I used for my wedding a few years ago - actually picked it up and drove it down to San Diego.....

What worked for me today was thinking back to a post I saw on here where someone acknowledged that just because they can't have something now, doesn't mean they never will be able to taste it again I know that down the line I will be able to have a taste in moderation, but now is not the time. And it may well be that in a few months, I won't be tempted by whatever it is that calls me now. Oh, and I also walked out of the kitchen, something I would not have been able to accomplish a month ago.

I am proud of that. I know tomorrow will be another challenge, but I will remember being able to walk away from that cake and use that to walk away from whatever the next thing is that is bound to appear...

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Great post! I think you'll find the more you flex your "NO" muscle, the stronger it gets, and the easier it is to flex it in the future...

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I just keep thinking, too, that there are very *few* things I haven't gotten a chance to try or eat just once. There is no "new" food on the planet I have yet to experience. Same food..

I keep in mind that I've had enough for now.

I get it, too, because I'm a chef- I own a catering company and it will be hard not to eat everything in sight but also just taste for work purposes..


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My work has free oatmeal cups, cup o'noodles, and easy mac, plus vending machines galore. I feel your pain. As if that all weren't enough, we're approaching the second potluck in my <6 weeks working there! And this one is Willy Wonka themed! I think I feel a fever coming on... :P.

My team has been doing a bunch of daily games/contests and my supervisor gets cookies/pizza/tacos for the winners. I've won a few of them and just politely pass my winnings onto someone else. It's hard, but I remind myself it's temporary and worth it. Sweets will be there (in moderation) once I'm in maintenance...

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I totally relate...I sit right outside the coffee bar where everyone brings in their baked goods and leaves their leftovers from meetings AND I have to smell what everyone is heating up in the microwave at lunch every day!.

You can do it! Just make a note to remember how easy it is to snack on those things and how it will need to be something to remember to focus on once you are finished with MF...

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I bake cookies for my grandchildren. I was a batter eater. I made oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies. Did not eat the batter. I ended up with 10 more oatmeal cookies than usual and 8 more chocolate chip cookies. I never realized I at 1.5 dozen cookies even before they were baked. I just looked at myself in the mirror and said "no wonder" Feels good to just say no...

Comment #5

Im with you this one, but I have the "will power" to not fade in! You can too!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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