Are we done because of the sex?

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This is the convo my boyfriend had over a text. me:baby was it ripped or torn? like how muchmy bf: Torn just a bit ymeh ok. because I'm just gonna do something tommorow thats all.where was it torn at? umm, how was the movie?my bf:The top... Wut are you gonna dome: o.mek. umm I'm just gonna do something dont worry about it. how was the movie?him:Good..

I needed to know if I needed to take the morning after pill or not. I dont take bc. I only use condoms. but I just talked to my ex (remember I told you about my first-the head neurosurgeon) and he said I'm totally fine. because I just finished my period like 2 days ago.

Ur fine. relax.him: I am relaxed... Goodnightme:so anyway, what was the movie about? stop stressing. it's nothing. I promise I wouldnt me:so anyway, what was the movie about? stop stressing.

I promise I wouldnt hide it from you if it was somethingme:baby...ok. do you want to call me tommorow or do you wanna call me tommorow?him:Ill call you 2 morrowmek. sweet dreams QUESTION: is he freaking out? is this gonna be the end of us? for guys- please put your age..

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Your question was: Are we done because of the sex?.

I don't really see what it is you're obsessing about regarding the conversation. What I do see however is that if you want to avoid pregnancy, you do need emergency contraception. Some women can ovulate at the tail end of their period, and if you're two days past, you are at risk for getting pregnant. If you're concerned about that possibility, go see your pharmacist...

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Hi I just wasnt sure if I should wait for him to call or I should call or what not. I just want to move past this situation and are not sure how this would effect our relationship..

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For the record, in case someone else is reading your story  - can I say - this is NOT the kind of conversation you have over text.  This kind of conversation you have over the phone or in person.  And if you are 'done' it's not about sex. .

He might freak out that there was a chance you got pregnant. He's entitled to those feelings. He's also entitled to let them set awhile while he processess them. .

Why are you worried so much?..

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First off, I agree that this is not something that should have happened over a text message... in fact, I would have only had this conversation in person. I can kind of see why he would seem a little off or freaked out. The first thing is that you ask him a very detailed question, tell him you're going to do something and then don't tell him what that is... of course a billion things are going through his mind b/c he has no idea what that thing is. If you didn't want to tell him, the don't ask and just take the morning after pill, or be committed and let him know what you're thinking....

First off, talking about an ex is a touchy subject, especially when you give him (the bf) that much information (him being your first/types of birth control you used/even the guys profession)... you're bf is connecting the dots that you went to your ex boyfriend and talked about your current sex life with him. I would have told him "a friend explained".... finally, you seem to freak out at the end telling him not to worry, but he already for my opinion on the call/don't call issue? It would seem at first that you should hover making sure he's alright, but I wouldn't.... I think he just needs time to process stuff and if he does end it, then it probably wasn't worth it!..

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Well it's difficult to have intimate conversations via texting.  And to get that kind of news can really rock you obviously. Is that something you've discussed before?.


 He was concerned, he said at the end he wasn't anymore with your 'reassurance'.  And the 2 days thing - are you 100 % sure there is no chance?.

I would leave meaningful conversations where meanings, emotions can easily be miscontrued to phone calls or better yet, in person. Good luck.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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