Are VitaminShoppe vitamins synthetic or are they made from 100% natural sources?

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My first question is: Are VitaminShoppe vitamins synthetic or are they made from 100% natural sources?.

My next question is: I was considering starting with test en for my first cycle, however; instead I would like to start out with 4 weeks of dbol alone at 20-25 mg a day to see how I respond to gear. I know I won't keep the gains, just want to see how my body reacts before I go on an actual 12 week cycle.


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The thing is mate i`ve enuff addictions as it isthe last the I need is to look forward to the needle-.

Cant understand why theres not more interest in transdermals :?..

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Amen. If you want to do AAS therapy relatively safely use injectables. Sure it's easier popping those pills but much worse for you...

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Ahh...finally someone who sees the light!...btw, certain addictions can be addiction to exercise!..

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The orals are harsher on your liver yes but if your taking 20-25mg of d-bol for 4 weeks you shouldnt have anything to worry about mate. Some do short courses of a singel AAS to see how their body reacts to a certain drug, good idea mate. Nick where did you get that info - you will use up your recepters? Also short courses dont shut you down as much as longer and/or stronger courses...

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P.S and you will hold on to more of your gains post cycle if you dont get shut down as much. Its a good way of making sure the d-bol is real also...

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Maybe 4 weeks at 20-25mg a day won't do a great deal of harm but whats the point if you lose all of the gains...a total waste..

Orals are harsher on the liver and most raise LDL cholesterol levels much more than injectables..

You can include superdrol and most of the prohormones, which are particularly bad on the liver and cholesterol, worse than many oral steroids..

Why people fear injectables, especially test is bewildering, after all, test is what we produce naturally so isn't in any way a 'poison' which you are taking just an increased amount of what we already have...

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Just because getting needles and secretly sticking them into your ass just feels a lot more 'real' than popping a pill along with your multivitamins from holland and barrett in the morning.....

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Jarman, please dont listen to is bad advice....

Mr. Nice, have you ever done a dbol only cycle at 25mg for 4 weeks? If so, please report...otherwise sit down because several years ago when I first got into this game I did exactly that "cycle" and it shut me down, messed up my natural test production (of course no pct, idiot!), bloated me and when I went off it I was about 1-2 pounds heavier, thats all so yall can listen to experience or theory...your choice.....

Comment #8

Mr Nice...stop giving out bad advice which could potentially have a negative effect on someones health..

Don't just spout of rubbish that you know very little about..

Thank you...

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What are you talking about??????? First go read the thread again!!!! Jarman says he knows his going to lose his gains-he dosent want gains he wants to see his reaction before he goes on a 12 week cycle!!!! Next 20-25mg a day of d-bol for 4weeks isnt going to have much of a negative effect on his health!!! So Andy1981 you stop spouting rubish- play with your mobile phone!!! JAY123 YES 25MG OF D-BOL MAY SHUT HIM DOWN A BIT but it's his first course so he will get away with it it's only 4 weeks long- if he wants to be safe he can take some clomid-its a coincedent you have done the exact sane cycle dont you think?? I would like to have a sensible debate!! several years of experience wow you should have a wicked physique post you picks and compotition history big man. I like to read info from Chad Nicholes Hany Rambod William Llwelyne ect I think they give good advice and I would like to share ir with people at muscle chat. People like to argue with people that are write Im not offended Im flatterd...

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I like to argue with people that are literate..

Comment #11

That isn't entirely accurate. No offence but it's slightly hypocritical to point out someones bad advice which may lead to early steroid use then make steroids seem quite frivolous. Serious though no offence I think your a great guy to get on with and a great member of the site and don't want to end up pointlessly debating, just very belittling of the harshness of AAS..

'just because getting needles and secretly sticking them into your ass just feels a lot more 'real' than popping a pill along with your multivitamins from holland and barrett in the morning...'.

True but I hardly think that should be very persuasive apart from people who have serious needle phobias.

'People like to argue with people that are write Im not offended Im flatterd.'.

Come again? Ok one both Andy and Jay have posted pics. Two your advice was open to criticism plain and simple. No one hugely disrespected you just said they thought your advice was crap. Telling someone it's a good idea to run a cycle just to see how they will respond is bad advice period..

And lastly all the guys in this thread apart from Nick500 who is a wanker I have found to be great guys and Nick or Raz can probably tell you I'm a pretty outspoken guy and fall out with people quite easily because I tell the truth as I see it like my above post to Andy. I really like the guy and don't mean any offence but I tell it like I see it about his post. I'm hardly always right far from it but usually have an opinion so if I can't fall out with the people in this thread it amazes me how someone priding themselves on supposed niceness can?..

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Didnt you read the thread his going to doooooooooo a 12 week cycle! he wanted to do a 4 week cycle to see how he responded before doing longer stronger cyclyes which is a greay idea. PLEASE READ THE THREADS BEFORE YOU POST A REPLY. YES just seen your picture at the side of your post where your user name is wicked body ha ha...

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If this is directed at me as I posted to you in a thread about diet because someone said they are a hardgainer doesn't mean they are. Because someone says they are going to do 4 week intro before doing a 12 week cycle doesn't mean you should accomodate this and give advice from this standpoint. Rather you should seek to properly educate them that a far better introduction to AAS than a 4 week dbol course would be the 12 week test course they suggested in the first place..

And you haven't even used AAS so don't give advice about it, I am far more educated than you on the subject but I stay away from giving positive advice for the most part from the AAS forums because I'd rather let Jay and Bodyworks and Opex give people advice on the topics because they are far more educated than the rest of us. Negative advice is a very different matter and I think everyone with a certain degree of AAS knowledge can give advice about flaws in cycles and deter people but actually telling soemone 4 weeks of dbol is a good idea isn't sound advice..

Anyone who reads the posts made by you on AAS in the past few days will clearly see your advice is bollox anyway...

Comment #14

I see what you mean Young Gun, what I said was a little belittling. No offence taken your an intelligent guy..

For HRT 200mg test a week may be prescribed, this is what I'm getting at...

Comment #15

Yeah fair enough bro take your point and like I said I meant no offence at all I think your approach to AAS is intelligent, and I'm glad you didn't take what I said badly. How goes the cycle apart from the back pumps which really aren't much fun Iv'e done the lying on the floor in the gym for 2 mins in between sets taurine and a shit load of water might ease it...

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Mmm water intake could be better. I was led to believe that it was a dbol thing but clearly it isn't..


Cycle wise as I'm only just into day 13 and as I'm just running Omnadren effects only just starting to be felt, slight strength increase, feeling a little hornier...and those pumps!..

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Yeah seen it reccomended for easing back cramps. or probably bulkpowders will do it. Very cheap as well and definately sorted mine out. Could look up the science behind it as I can't remember off hand why but it's late. Definately would reccomend it though..

Comment #18

I've warned you before Mr Nice, stop causing tension on this board, or we will have no choice but to ban you. Its fine to argue a point, but to take the piss out of some1 on the board who is trying to help is beyond what we think is acceptable here..


Comment #19

LMAO it would be funnier if it wasn't a little true. Cheers for not editing the original..

Comment #20

Nick, thanks for steppin in....

Andy and young...always good to have your input....

MR NICE...i dont think you are so nice and I'm pretty sure you dont know your ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to, I'm not a monster (yet 8) ),but I have a lot of good and bad experience both with diet, training and gear, so someone like you would do well to learn from someone like me who made all the mistakes already, but if you want to make the same bad mistakes, feel free, just please dont lead others astray also...there a a lotof other boards for you to clutter up if you dont want to be a productive member of this one...i suggest you make the decision yourself before the mods here do.....

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Ok play the innocent guy make me out to be the bad guy- just look at the threads and see what others said before I stated my reply before you make me out to be the bad guy- SEE YOU ALL LATER. tHANKS FOR YOUR WARM WELCOME AND KINDNESS NOT FORGETTING FREIDLYNESS. THENKS AGAIN BROS...

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Comment #23

Wow...what did I initiate...? lol.

I appreciate everyone's advice. If someone says something wrong, which people will from time to time...maybe to just state the fact that you "strongly disagree" would be less insulting than "you are wrong so sit down!" lol.

Bottom line guys, I think pointless bickering is useless because were all here to help each other out ...right?.

I initially had another question posted in here also, but decided to post it on the main page instead. Thanks for all the info guys..

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For your 1st cycle you should definately include test mate. if you want t strenghten your tendons thenyou should use the deca alongside the test. I would recomend 12weeks of 500mg test and 400mg deca.

Usually a first cycle should be just test, but it may be better for you to add the deca for your tendons and joints. only thing I would say is that make 100% sure you get your gear from a reputable source. otherwise you risk being scammed on eather, or both the test and the deca.

As everyone else has said. I would leave the oral only cycle completely. take advantage of your virgin receptors...

Comment #25

Everyone is different, oral only d boll worked great for me 40-45mg per day for 5 weeks then run pct..

My buddy run anadrol 50 for 4 weeks 100mg per day man did that ****er grow in 4 weeks he went from 15-16.3stone and bench was up from 130-150 max press, yes most orals are harder on the liver i.e winstrol,anadrol,d boll compared to injections, but for me they work the best. I'm not telling anyone to take high amounts of oral or even take orals as they can shut you down mess with your liver,.

But find out what works best for you start off low and up the dose slightly..

Comment #26

What was your friends weight and max bench press 4 weeks after his cycle finished..

Comment #27

Lost a few lbs would have lost even more if he didnt run a pct bench stayed the same..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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