Are VitaminShoppe Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein effective?

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My first question is: Are VitaminShoppe Pro Performance 100% Whey Protein effective?.

My next question is: Assuming diet & training is spot on, would the experianced AAS user's say more is better, than less?.

Im thinking the more steroids you use in your stack the bigger the pottential for growth.

Now don't get me wrong here, I'm only opening up a debate. Is more better then less?.

Thanks guy's..

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What is your cycle history mate?.

I may have got this completely arse about face but wasnt it less than a year ago that you ran your first one? I seem to remember your thread about the problems you were having selecting the least painful injection site..

We've probably all got our own definition of what a "megadose" is. Im sure you said that you spent 1000 on the last one - what sort of megadose did you have in mind for this one?..

Comment #1

It does make me smile that the mega dose theories floating around are TOTALLY misunderstood..

From memory I would say it all stemmed from an article Paul Borreson did way back in '98 or '99 regarding a 'Quick fix cycle'..

This involved using Mega mixes, which were usually Sust, Testoviron, Deca and Primo with shots being done daily for 20 days.

The subsequent buildup of androgens amounted to roughly 2500 to 3000mg a week and was backed up with Growth, insulin, T3 or T4 and Anti aromatases, plus synthol for those inclined (this was the infancy of synthol use and not frownd on like it is today).

The critical statement almost everyone missed was that this stack was designed for a 300lb+ Mr Universe competitor with 15 years experiance of gear, who had hit a plateau, and it was a ONE OFF cycle to break through this plateau. ie :- NOT intended for regular use!!.

Many other "wannabe's" tried the stack. got a decent level of success and before you knew it people were 'jumping on the bandwagon' and advocating higher dose stack so they could pretend to be as 'theorically intelligent' as Paul Borreson..

Pauls regular stacks, and the ones he used himself were much closer to the 1mg per kg bodyweight per day, so your average 100kg bodybuilder would be using 700mg a week. Which actually fits in almost pefectly with the mathematics of your bodies own production..

If you are not growing from that then you are not giving yourself enough time between cycles for HTP axis recovery..

Sorry for the smart-arse reply but i'm having carbs today!..

Comment #2

"Pauls regular stacks, and the ones he used himself were much closer to the 1mg per kg bodyweight per day, so your average 100kg bodybuilder would be using 700mg a week.".

This ain't what i've been told by people who knew him. bottom line though, just do your own thing. f*ck what jonny big buggar takes, that's his choice..

Oh, and a final note on this. whatever people admit to taking, double it and that's closer to the amount they're really using...

Comment #3

I tend to agree with TH&S ..

I remember one of your first threads on here saying that you had only been training a year but had already done 2 cycles..

Im guessing you wasnt happy with your past cycles so are looking to up the dose.

If you wasnt gaining from previous cycles, especially ones you spent over a 1000 perhaps you need to be looking at other factors of your training regimine. My guess would be as TH&S said already that your diet is lacking..

Taking the drugs is one thing, but without adequate nutrition and smart training your just gonna go round in circles..

Just my 2 pence, something to think about mate..

Comment #4

LOL, sort of responce i'd expect from you Neil, ive heard of Paul Borreston a guy I used to train with years ago who competed and won many trophies, went to see him for advice, and came back with some interesting stuff, think Dorian Yates may of been in his corner at one time... Chemicl Warfare can you remember that? that was the first suppliment Dorian endorsed and that was Paul Borroston I think, going back around 12 to 15 years now..

Agree with you there Bodyworks, what peeps say they are using double it and thats more like..

Not ready for my next stack till around October having 3 to 4 months off now...

Comment #5

I like the theory's Paul had concerning design of cycle but not the doses used.....

Neil I would of agreed with what you have said about Paul's regular cycle thoughts if he had not written the Stack book which you have to admit gives everyone the impression he is totally into high dose short cycles..

Comment #6

I think you could enhance you results with real leg training ali-.

Squats,deads or legpress..

Your missing out on all that anabolic effect(i dont do sciencey stuff).

I dont think you`ll have a prob with your legs getting to big,but you need to train them to get a balanced physique..

Bodyworks-how did this years cycles mess things up for you?.

Its one thing for an increased dosage to have little extra effect ruin your chances... I dont get it..

Comment #7

Yeah, I can see about the impression of the stack book..

I was thinking more about his Govenor mag articles where he said that these courses were for Experianced users at the limit of their genetic potential who were trying to break through plateaus..

In fact i'll dig them out..... it is. the article is called "The Quick fix" and is apparently taken from the stack book. He states (in the second paragraph)....

"It is not the intention of this material to be shocking, but if you have not been involved at the cutting edge of the mass gaining scene, then you are unlikely to have come across anything like this before..

It is a gorilla warfare tactic and definatley not something to be done all the time.".

"My critics say that the doses I sometimes suggest are ridiculous but these people fail to put what I am saying into any form of context. I am not proposing massive doses day in day out"..

Comment #8

Interesting that Neil as that was along the lines that I was thinking, just one mega dose go... and not long term either..

The last stack has worked a treat as you can see on my new pic, lol... just thought i'd try something dif, don't know if it's for me though, mega dose....

Think ill possibly be inclined to stay low, still i'd love to give it a crack, just to see, thats what it's all about after all. seeing what works and what kind of responces you get from diferent things...

Comment #9

Do you have a link I can read up on this ? thanks..

Comment #10

I think with Cycles it's down to economies of scale..

More dosage will be better up to a certain point and then after that it's a waste..

This increases as you increase your muscle size due to having more receptors as your muscle grows. Therefore it is logical to assume that pro bbers in the 20+stone range did not start taking 3g of gear week a when they were starting out but increased as time progressed. Unfortunately most people do not consider this and because of 'what the pros use' this is what some tiny guy who doesnt even compete yet uses..

The real challenge I have found with my gear use is altering the training to provide adequate changes in stimulus to keep the body adapting and changing so that muscle growth never stalls..

So many guys stick with the same routine year after year and increase their gear to get big rather than altering the stimulus for muscle growth..

Over the year I will utilise so many different methods for stimulating muscel growth that I really have had no need to increase my gear use dramatically although I have changed around the compounds a few times..

Variation of Stimulus for muscle building is the most forgotten aspect of bbing IMO..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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