Are those MATCH.COM ads super mega-lame or what?

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My first question is: Are those MATCH.COM ads super mega-lame or what?.

My next question is: So I met this guy a few months ago, and I've enjoyed hanging out with him.  Recently we even took a weekend trip together.  But eversince we have been back or even before we went on this trip, his communication started slowing down to lesser text messages and not too long of phone conversations.  Though he is very nice and caring toward me when we are around each other..

I do like the guy and would like him to "step it up"...he did mention once that he thinks I'm cool and sweet and that he wants to get to know more about me.  I wonder what that means....he does talk about doing things in the future...but I feel blah easily when I don't get the communication I I being too needy or maybe it is because I was spoilt with daily communication in my previous relationship..

Maybe I need to step it up and ask the right questions since he is not really asking much....I don't know...I'm just feeling blue lately.....


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Your question was: Are those MATCH.COM ads super mega-lame or what?.

I'm not sure what you mean by "hanging out" (and why you said that rather than datingis there a difference in your mind?).  Is it possible he thinks you're friends as opposed to dating, so he's treating you as he would a friend?.

Was the trip platonic or romantic?  If the latter, do you think he's thinking friends with benefits?.


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HI Sheri,Sorry about the confusion with "hanging out".I have been dating (online dating with this guy and this trip was romantic...

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Ok, thanks.  In that case, if you've been dating (online dating with for 2-3 months, this is a pretty normal time for him to be going through a little uncertaintyhe may be in the process of thinking, is this a relationship (thru I want to continue?  That's normal for this time perioddon't take it personally!  The best thing you can do is just let him be for the time being.  If it is uncertainty, he should return to his previous levels of communicating with you and maybe even increase them, assuming he decides he does want to continue with you..

Also, the fact that you just had a lot of togetherness on your trip may have caused him to do what's known as "rubberbanding"pulling away after a period of togetherness.  Again, it's normal and nothing personal..

You might consider reading Mars and Venus on a date using by John Gray and A Fine Romance by Judith Sills, both of which talk about the stages of dating (online dating with and what to expect at each stage..

If he continues to be less communicative with you for more than a week or so, then cross that bridge when you come to itbut I'd give it a little time before you do or say anything..



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Thank you helped me feel a little better.....

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So he said we have a dating/relationship? Don't know what that is suppose to mean...Then he went on to say that I should move in with him for a few days to see if we end up annoying each other or not...What do you make of this????..

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So does that mean you heard from him again, or were these things he said when you went away together?.

Isn't a dating (online dating with relationship (thru what you want with him?  I'm confused as to why you don't seem pleased with that response..

I'd be leery of the moving in together thing so soon though, even for a few daysfar too soon to be thinking in those terms, IMO..


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Hi Sheri,.

He said these things to me recently.  And you are right...I do want a dating (online dating with relationship...I need to be more patient =)  Sometimes I jump the gun...but honestly I should ask myself first if I'm ready for more at this point....


Ideally, I should try to get to know more about him....

Sorry, it was just my impatience....

And I doubt I'll be moving in with him anytime soon.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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