Are there offers in 2011?

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My question is: Are there offers in 2011?.

My 2nd question is: Not referring to my dating (online dating with situation, but continuing a conversation with friends at a bar over the weekend. We were trading stories about some of the characteristics of men we've dated and what was more than we could take..

Could you or would you date using a guy that fits any of the following:.

- Rarely available: has so much going on in his life between work, friends, hobbies, and "me time" that you are allotted only a few hours each week. He has no intention of this ever changing..

- Women's appearances: comments on how hot every woman he sees is (live or televised), frequents strip clubs several times a month, views porn daily. He sees nothing wrong with this and it is your problem if you do..

- Won't commit: tells you he does not want a serious relationship, wants his freedom to date using other women whenever he wants. Doesn't have any desire to commit anytime in the forseeable future..

- Cheap (at least with you): won't go out on dates with you, ever. Every time you see each other you stay home, he never wants to go anywhere. He eats before seeing you so he doesn't have to invest in dinner with you. However, goes out with his buddies frequently (dinner, drinks, movies, etc.). You suggest going out and he ignores you..

- Surrounded By Women: his entire network is female. All his friends are women, all acquaintances are women, random women (you don't now) calling & texting at all times. He has no explanation why everyone in his life is female..

- Unrealistic Expectations: wants the woman he ends up with to contribute financially, do all cooking, do all cleaning, manage all childcare, etc..

Which of these, if any, would you be able to tolerate for a guy you're dating?..

Comments (4)

None of the above. As a woman with any shred of self-respect I wouldn't bother with a man (BOY) who exhibits ANY of these behaviors...

Comment #1

The only one I would tolerate would be the where he has lots of women in his life. I have in my life a lot of men friends and men I work with. So .....its the same thing  )..

Comment #2

I dated one guy who had three of these qualities. It was awful for my self-esteem. HE kept implying it was my problem, and even though he didn't like me having 'expectations', and I was bad for having them, he kept coming around.Took me a long time to get over it. My advice to these types: Run!..

Comment #3

Oh HELL NO, unless I was uber desparate for sex and had absolutely no self esteem...

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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