Are there any Teachers out there using Medifast?

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I just started Medifast this summer to get my routine down before school starts and am hoping to get some ideas from any veterans out there in the profession. How do you stay OP when you have to stay in a classroom and have very few breaks in the day?.

I teach high School Special Ed, but am on a 4x4 track, 90 minute classes and only 8 min breaks in between, not much in the way of potty breaks!.



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Hi Aly! Welcome aboard! Good plan getting started before school starts. This is going to be silly, but I would suggest setting up a potty break according to your schedule now. I stayed home with my daughter for a few years and I was so trained that I still had to use the bathroom on the same schedule I had at school,.

As far as food, I use the cold drinks for my day snacks. I fill a 32 ounce colored water bottle with water, ice and a tropical punch or ice tea. I am not trying to "hide" MF, I work in ed research so I am at a different school each week. I would have to explain the program to about 1000 people a year. Anyway, I like the cold drinks and I sip it over the 90 minutes I am with students and then RUN to the potty every chance I get. I count the extra ounces of water towards my water intake plus I am not carrying a shake and a bottle of water..

Aladdin makes a microwavable thermos. I pack it in the morning and just let it soak. You can micro in the AM and it stays hot or you can just pack it in cold water and microwave it later. The top screws on so I literally throw it in my bag..

Keep an extra shaker and about 5 extra meals in your desk for emergencies ( I wish I had this option).

Good luck!! You are going to do great...

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Hey, you guys! Head on over to Medifast Forums Look for the link: Connecting with Others: Teams and Other Special Groups and scroll through all the teams looking for Team Teachers. Join us there and you can even get one of these cool green Team Teachers banners. Just ask how and someone will give you the link to add the banner...

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Great ideas! No one but a teacher would understand about "trained bladders"!.

Thanks for the tips!..

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Hi! I actually found it a bit easier to do Medifast when I was teaching, but I have to say that I minimized my fluid intake during the work day and then chugged when I got off work. If you have your first meal before you go to work, and your fourth after work, that leaves only one Medifast meal to fit in outside of your lunch break (mid-morning or mid-afternoon, depending on when you have lunch). Try to pack one that can be eaten very quickly if you're worried about the extra fluids. For example, the pudding, you can scarf down in just a few bites before hall duty.

Good luck! I struggle more in the summers when I am not so structured. You can do this!..

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My routine is: breakfast before school starts, the next meal at lunch, then another meal at planning time and then my fourth meal after school. I have had an Medifast meal with a side salad (from school cafeteria). When I first started teaching, I would have 2 Medifast meals at the same time. I know it is not recommended, but it worked for me. Hope this helps...

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