Are there any Medifast hot cocoa recipes?

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Ok- Have now tried both hot cocoa and chai latte. I mix according to directions, with COLD water, stir and microwave. Both have come out with gooey globs of undissolved product in them. Very unappetizing. Am I doing something wrong?? I otherwise like the flavor, but can't get the powder to dissolve properly they are kind of nasty!.


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I find the best way to avoid those gloppy globs is to just put in 2 Tbsp cold water, mix well until no lumps left and it all looks smooth (this takes about 50 stirs) then pour boiling water into the smooth paste and stir. No lumps. Also, adding a Tbsp of sugar free syrup makes the hot drinks quite yummy. My favorite is Kahlua syrup with the cocoa, and caramel with the chai. DaVinci is the syrup brand, you can get it thru

Torani is another brand of sugarfree syrups..

Good luck!..

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If possible to make ahead and put in a thermal type container with a lid and let sit quite a long time. Then you can shake it up whenever you think about it. It seems to work good that way (if you have the time) like if your taking it to work or something. Otherwise I just add a little water and stir and stir and Then add more hot water. I haven't really tried mine in the microwave yet. I've had so many of these things boil over I was afraid to try it with the hot drinks...

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I mix it with the blender bottle and then pour it in a mug and nuke it, it works everytime, there are no lumps in it..

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I purchased a mini Hamilton blender from Target for $15 (they are also at Walmart). I keep one in my office and one at home. I add 8-10 oz of cold water into the blender along with the hot drink of choice, blend for a minute, then put contents into a coffee mug and microwave for one minute. Perfect every time...

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I turn my hot water on as hot as it'll go and then add about half the water, mix as fast as I can, moving the fork up and down kinda like a whirlwind...LOL. Then fill up the rest of the cup and stir some more. I never have a problem with this method...

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I put the powder in the cup. Then I add about 1/4 of the water and first stir with a fork to get all the powder hiding where the sides and bottom come together. Then I give it a quick whisk with my small whisk that is made for salad dressings (very useful for many Medifast products). Then I zap it for 90 seconds (I like it fairly hot) and give it one more whisk. Perfectly smooth...

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I put the powder into a container and add about half a cup of water and stir, stir, stir, stir.. until no lumps. Then I add the rest of the water and stir more. Then I put that covered container into the fridge for at least 6 hours (up to 48 hours) and pull it out when I want to heat up my drink. I stir, stir, stir again - then nuke for 90 seconds, pull it out and stir, stir, stir and heat for an additional 30 seconds. Then I pour into a pre-heated mug and enjoy :-).

I"m having the hot cocoa now in fact.. I have started enjoying it once or twice a day since the weather turned cooler...

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I use the "make a paste" method (cold water) and never have lumps. Just put the powder in a mug, add enough cold water to make a smooth paste (use a fork), then add the rest of the water (hot)...

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I make every medifast drink in my regular ole blender. If it's cold, I put in lots of ice. If it's hot, I microwave it after blending. Always delicious and never any lumps!..

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I have had the soups boil over MANY times (now I watch them like a HAWK). Just so you know, the drinks are much less of a pain. I've never had one boil over...

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You guys are all hillarious!! (Stri and stir and stir and stir.....) Thank you for all the tips. I am sure I will get it to work. I'll let you know...

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Because of the removable plastic top on the non-sipper lid of the HB blender, you CAN blend hot drinks in it. Just open the top enough to vent, cover with a towel and blend as you would a cold drink. This is the blender I used until very recently. It took me until I was in maintenance to discover the ability to blend hot stuff though...

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Thanks for this thread...have been having trouble with lumpy drinks, soup, etc. guess it goes with the lumpy body that i'm trying to make lean & mean!!..

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My tool of choice for hot drinks and pudding was a mini whisk. Still is, actually..

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Where do you get the DaVinci and Torani syrups? Only online, or are they carried in stores?..

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Walmart carries a few of the SF Torani and DaVinci syrups - they are usually next to the coffee. Happy Hunting!..

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