Are there any specials?

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My question is: Are there any specials?.

My 2nd question is: Long story short: I met this wonderful guy during a work project my company did for some months together with another company. We instantly get along very very well, we used a lot of body language to show that we liked each other and even colleagues noticed something more than work between us..

We stayed in touch but because I had a boyfriend at the time I declined to go out with him, although I was feeling very attracted to him and was thinking about him all the time. He also mentioned some things showing he was attracted to me (he didn't say it with these words, but he said that when we were working on the project he was feeling distracted by me all the time....

Well, meanwhile I ended my relationship (thru with my boyfriend (our relationship (thru wasn't very good) and I call him for us to meet since we stayed in touch and used to talk about work and projects, etc, and he always said that we would like to meet to speak about our work projects. Well, I decided to meet him and tell him how I feel about him, so we arranged to meet and I was shocked when he brought a girlfriend with him... I didn't have a clue that he had a girlfriend because he never talked about her and because on his Facebook profile he has single... maybe they started dating (online dating with recently, I don't know, but his profile is still single. Well, we ended talking about work stuff and he even asked about my boyfriend but I didn't have the courage to say I'm single now and I just said "He's fine".

Well, there was still attraction from my side and I made a tremendous effort not to show it. All the time we were there, we seemed to be the couple and not him and her, because our conversations happen so naturally and there's many chemistry there. And he even seated next to me and not to her on the table. After a little while, it seemed we were the only ones there, an then we noticed that and start to engage her in the conversation. They didn't even seem to have much chemistry between them..

He shows his emotions very easily on his face and I noticed that when he asked for my boyfriend, he asked with some bitterness there on his tone and facial expression. Also, I noticed the way he was looking at me and I could almost feel his attraction to me..

Well, after a while I said I had to go because I was so sad inside and just couldn't bear to be there anymore hiding my feelings, it was real torture. So we said goodbye and he said that we should do this more often but I don't think I can do it..

I'm sad because of the wrong timings, first I was commited, then he's the one commited, and because I didn't have the chance to tell him how I feel and I would like to know if he felt the same. I guess now it doesn't make sense. I wrote single on my Facebook profile, so at least that he's going to know..

I want some male advice please. Should I do something or let it go, even if in just 1 hour there I felt we had much more chemistry then he has with her girlfriend.....

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If this guy is interested in you as much as you are interested in him, I'm wondering why he would bring his GF along. When you were making plans about meeting up, did you discuss bringing your SO along? From reading your post, I didn't get that impression. I do think he was making a point. He may like you and you might have chemistry but he made it clear that this woman is a part of his life by bringing her to your get together. I'm not a guy, IMHO you should move on. Who knows what the future holds but for now he has a GF...

Comment #1

Just because a guy is a little flrity or friendly does not mean he is interested in you. He brought his GF!!!..

Comment #2

Thanks everyone for your replies. I would just like to clarify a few things:.

- Regarding the Facebook profile, the only reason I mentioned it it's because he does look into it. When we were working together I remember he saying that he was very surprised to know that two people there were in a relationship (thru because he saw their profiles on FB and the girl had single. So, yes, he looks into profiles and for him it it seems to be a big deal being in a relationship (thru and having single there, and that's what he's doing now, he has single there, although he has a picture profile of him and her, but from the picture they could be just friends..

- Second, he never mentioned that he was going to bring her girlfriend to our get together, and I didn't even knew he has one till I saw her with him and I felt just like breaking into pieces. I wanted to leave immediately if I could. When he called me and we scheduled to meet, he said "I" and "me" all the time. I guess he was expecting for me to take my boyfriend because one of the first things he instantly asked me when we met was "where is your boyfriend". It made me think that he only brought his girlfriend because he was convinced I was bringing mine (although I didn't say that)..

- I wasn't very happy for him to bring her girlfriend without telling me, not only for the obvious reasons that I'm attracted to him but also because even when I make plans with friends, I like people to tell me in advance if they're bringing someone else..

- Well, he's going to see my single profile on FB, I don't have a clue if he's going to do something but I guess I'll move on because if it was meant to be, these things wouldn't be happening. It's not difficult to see he feels attracted to me, and I was making a huge effort not to show my attraction to him. I don't know if his girlfriend noticed something, but she wasn't very happy looking at us either. Well, I won't meet them again. Although it was nice our catch up, it's too painful for me to meet him with his girlfriend everytime. It doesn't make sense..

Edited 9/25/2009 4:32 am ET by lady_marmalade2004..

Comment #3

Just because he doesnt mention it on his FB doesnt mean he isnt taken. I dont put up my staus because it's aprivate thing and I am big on relationships just not for everyone to see. He likes you as a friend and if he says lets go on a DATE then he will be more than. Guys may have a hidden agenda but they are forward into saying weather tha=ey like you as more than a friend or not. At least the guys I have dated. Or maybe it's becaue I am forward with them...

Comment #4

"He likes you as a friend and if he says lets go on a DATE then he will be more than. Guys may have a hidden agenda but they are forward into saying weather tha=ey like you as more than a friend or not.".

Please notice that before I was the one with a boyfriend!!! The first time he asked me out, he said on the phone: "While we were working together I was getting distracted by you at work all the time, but I'll explain that better to you when we meet". If this is not saying "I'm attracted to you", then I don't know what it is!?.

And then I told him that I couldn't meet him on the day he wanted to meet and I mentioned that I have a boyfriend... so, it is normal that he didn't pursue or insist even if he was attracted to me, right!? I was clearly understanding his intentions with me and I was putting him off by saying I'm taken..

So, yes, that sentence on the phone tells me he was attracted to me but he back off, and maybe during the 2 months we just kept in touch through the phone and FB, I ended my relationship (thru with my boyfriend and he started his...

Comment #5

LOL one thing about guys they like heroms LOL. he may like you but he brought his GF!!! Tell me you would date using every guy you are attracked to. I dont think so. I dont and I dont date using every guy thats atracked to me.

Bottom line he has a GF and until he tells you different let it go..


Comment #6

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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